Monthly Archives: August 2013

  1. Air Current Tester Part 1 of 5

    Retrotec's Air Current Testers are an ideal way to track down even the smallest leaks in a house or enclosure. Part 1 covers what's included with every Retrotec Air Current Tester.

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  2. Level 2 Training - Part 11 DM2 Results

    Part 11 of the Level 2 Energy Training goes over the possible results that can be determined by the Retrotec DM-2 gauge.

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  3. FanTestic Part 5: Graphs and Other Options

    Part 5 of our 5-part series looks at how the data can be graphed and what other options are available.

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  4. Level 2 Training - Part 6 Building Setup

    Part 6 of Retrotec's Level 2 Energy training answers some of the basic questions about setting up a building for an air tightness test.

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  5. Retrotec DM2 mark II - Advanced Mode Setup

    A detailed look at some of the advanced Modes available in the Setup Menu.

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  6. FanTestic - Manual Test

    Learn how to input data into FanTestic software from a manual blower door test. Also, get tips and information on best practices.

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  7. Air Current Tester Part 2 of 5

    An overview of using and storing an Air Current Tester.

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  8. FanTestic - Menus and Advanced Options

    Learn all about the menus and advanced options in FanTestic software

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  9. Continuous vs. Contained Pressure

    What is the difference between continuous and contained pressure?

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  10. Level 2 Training - Part 7 Door Fan Installation

    Part 7 of Retrotec's Level 2 Energy Training covers the installation of a Q46 door fan system. Following these simple steps, or those outlined in the included Quick Guide documents, will leave you ready to conduct your first test.

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