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  1. House Test - 5 - Duct Leakage to Outdoors

    This five part series looks what an air leakage test of a typical house might look at. In this part, we take a look at a duct leakage to outdoors test. In some cases, this is more important than a total duct leakage test, as this test narrows down the duct leakage to only the energy lost to the outdoors.

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  2. Connect to ducts - Step 2 in the DU200 DucTester QuickGuide

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  3. FanTestic Part 10: Opening and Saving Tests

    Part 10 of our FanTestic video series explains the simple process behind saving a opening your tests. With FanTestic, you can save and revisit previous tests at any time.

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  4. FanTestic -- Start Guide

    How to download FanTestic, how to find it on your computer, what it comes with, ASTM manual, and choosing your protocol

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  5. FanTestic Part 9: Auto Test 2

    Part 9 of our FanTestic series is the final video, and covers the second half of an auto-test. Learn how FanTestic software can make life easier for air-tightness professionals.

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  6. Level 2 Training - Part 10 Automatic Control

    Part 10 of the Level 2 Training explains how the DM-2 gauge can be used to automatically control a Retrotec fan. The DM-2 is able to adjust the fan speed to achieve a desired test pressure.

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  7. FanTestic Part 4: Multi Point Test

    Part 4 of our 5-part series looks at how the FanTestic software can be used to conduct a multi-point test.

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  8. Level 2 Training - Part 5 Test Direction

    Part 5 of the Level 2 Training is a discussion of the difference between pressurizing and depressurizing. In some circumstances, some testing directions may not be an option.

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  9. Retrotec DM2 mark II - Gauge Overview

    An overview of the DM-2 screen and some of the keypad control buttons.

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  10. FanTestic - Test Sheet

    Go step by step through a test sheet, learn how to set it up and input information

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