"I’m an HVAC consultant in Miami FL. and absolutely love my 5100 blower door. It’s easy to use and the training course that comes with the purchase of the equipment it’s a nice head start. It took sometime before I decided to pull the trigger because of the upfront investment but it’s worth every penny. My average ticket price has more than doubled in just a year but the highest return on investment has been on the intangible side. The confidence of having such advanced test equipment ready to go at my disposal has had a huge impact at my disposal. Shout out to Sam Myers whom is always super responsive and helpful at every turn!"


-Genry Garcia


"Sam, Just wanted to take a minute to thank you for developing and encouraging me to purchase the new Retrotec flow box.  I had a chance to use it this past week and, in a word, Wow!  What a difference from my prior flow box.  Retrotec continues to amaze me with the constant innovations and improvements to the tools we use in home performance.All in all, another home run for Retrotec!"


-Dan Aaron



"Please let your team know that LP Pie Consulting & Engineering is very happy with the service we receive. We appreciate how everyone goes out of their way to meet our deadlines for repairs, rentals, and technical expertise. We hope to continue to working with such a fine organization!!"


-Maurice Jojola


"My equipment arrived the other day. My expectation were exceedingly met. The quality of your products is second to none. I cannot express how happy and excited I am to use them. Everyone from Retrotec, that I have had contact with, has been more than patient, friendly and professional. Thank You,"


-Paul Guerrera 


"Poynter Sheet Metal is a continuous improvement organization.  We are always looking at a better way to do things.  Retrotec’s duct testing unit is exactly that….a better way to duct test hands down."


-Joseph Lansdell 



"I am absolutely raving in love with the power balanced balometer [Flow Finder Mk 2] I bought from you guys.  It is super easy to use, fast, light, accurate. It is SO much better than the Minneapolis version there is NO CONTEST."

-Mitch Richardson, Survey and Testing Services, Inc.


"Our sales have bumped up ever since we bought this [blower door] from your company and we are already discussing to get another set."

-Von Ryan Padlan, Penn Air Control, Inc.



"Great webinar presentation – I think we are going to have to revisit our procedures and see what ASTM standard we are following and make any necessary changes."

-Mike S.


"Ever since we purchased your Retrotec duct tester, all my technicians love it. They fight over who is using it next and they even have adjusted their schedule around that one tester. So much so that we are going to buy 2 more Units from you thanks for all your help and support."

-Hector Torres, Worchester Air Conditioning



"As far as the equipment goes, we love it.  Our technicians as well as our clients are really impressed with the performance and portability of the unit.  We look forward to picking up another 2 units."

-Dave Marrero, Independent Testing & Balancing



"We watched the video of the fan being dropped off the end of the truck — we thought that was proof that it would be durable with heavy use by students.  We also really like the instructional support given by Retrotec.  They are making it easy for everyone to use their products."

-Alison Kwok, University of Oregon



"I’ve had the pleasure of communicating with Colin Genge a few times over the years, and I have great respect for your equipment and your company."  Retrotec equipment is heavy duty, high quality, and sophisticated, which is reassuring.  The abundance of Retrotec training presentations (at your website and online webinars) is very helpful to users and enriching to the industry.  You are a valuable player in home performance, and I thank you for the support you have given me over the years."

-Andre Grieco, Richard Heath Associates, Inc



"I sincerely appreciate Retrotec and the information it facilitates.  I have enjoyed them all.  I try to participate so you know what I’m thinking, etc. So please keep the webinars coming!"

-Greg Iseral, Entergis Testing & Sealing, LLC



"After being only exposed to Minneapolis Blower Door™ equipment, it only took me a couple of minutes to decide that Retrotec equipment was much better and more advanced.  I bought FanTestic Software a year ago simply because I really like the reports that it generates.  You could make an argument that I don't really need it, but the simplicity of it is what sold me...punch a couple of buttons and walk away for 15 minutes or so and it’s done.  Click a couple of more buttons I have a customized report for my clients."

-Dan Aaron, Home Energy Check LLC


“We have been using our new Ductwork tester and we are very happy with the results.  We would like to buy a second unit.  On top of the list, are the size and weight of the unit.  It is also very powerful and user friendly. Merci!”

-Jean-Paul Leblanc, Président, Hydrauliques R&O Services Inc.



"After performing hundreds of large building blower door tests I find your hard panels and soft panels both great to work with, both having strengths in certain situations.  Retrotec is able to meet all of my team’s needs which vary from project to project and that is why we use your gear exclusively.  Keep up the great work Colin!"

-Lee Durston, Morris and Hersefield



"I purchased a  Retrotec 1000.  It's really a great tool for diagnosis, and extremely stable.  The high characteristics of your instrument and an extremely effective assistance of your local representative Carlesi let me work in the better way." 

-Walter Medioli, Near Zero Energy Building



“Wow is the impression that you left me with.  Thank you for sharing insight and technical information, and for introducing me to your equipment in a way that I had never imagined.  I came back from the air barrier conference with head full of ideas which I now have to sort through, and I am going to pursue the air barrier testing certification through NEBB. 

A very exciting time.  I hope to stay in touch and speak again."

-Stanford A. Rollins, 1 Earth Multifamily Assessments 



"I just want to say that I did all of my training on your competitor's equipment.  Fortunately I found a person who was in a financial bind and decided to sell his seldom-used Retrotec equipment.  I'm glad I did because I like it much better that the Minneapolis™ equipment."

-Ken Girdley, GreenBuild Customs & Services, LLC



"The DM-32 smart gauge is the frontier of sexiness for building envelope testing.  Awesome."

-Corbett Lunsford, Green Dream Group LLC



"We just bought our sixth set of equipment.  We LOVE our Retrotec equipment.”

-Lisa Harr, Alpha EMC (My Green Life)



"The whole concept of Building Pressure is just great.  I don't know how you did so much with such altruism, but I applaud you.  I can already see whole section of the Gauge and the Blower Door presentations that I can use, and I will think of you all when I do."

-Ed Minch, Energy Services Group Inc


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