Monthly Archives: August 2013

  1. FanTestic - Auto Test

    How to run an automatic blower door test using FanTestic software.

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  2. Level 2 Training - Part 2 About the Gauge

    Part 2 of Retrotec's Level 2 Energy Training introduces the pressure gauge, and some of the common problems that can occur.

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  3. Perform a Calibration Check

    Learn how to check your gauge's calibration. This can be done quickly and easily in the field.

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  4. Air Current Tester Part 3 of 5

    A demonstration of the smoke puff of a Retrotec Air Current tester.

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  5. FanTestic Pressurize

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  6. House Test - 1 - Setup

    This five part series looks what an air leakage test of a typical house might look at. In this part, we discuss how to setup for a house test. It's important to properly prepare before testing, so that we know the results are accurate.

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  7. FanTestic Part 7: Auto Test Settings

    Part 7 of our FanTestic series covers how to adjust the settings to prepare for an auto-test.

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  8. Retrotec DM2 mark II - Device Setup

    A brief walkthrough of how to use the Setup Menu to configure the Devices available on the DM-2.

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  9. FanTestic - Semi-Auto Test

    How to run a semi-automatic blower door test using FanTestic software. This allows for the ease of an auto test along with manual input options for the user.

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  10. Level 2 Training - Part 3 Gauge Tests

    Part 3 of Retrotec's Level 2 Energy Training covers some of the different types of tests that can be done with a door fan/blower door system.

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