Duct Testing for Residential

  1. Duct Testing with DM32 best practices Webinar (Jan 9, 2014)

    - Overview of the setup 
    - Depressurize vs Pressurize 
    - Air leakage to outside with a blower door 
    - Where to place the fan and tubes
    - Troubleshooting tips

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  2. Prepare Ducts and Houses - Step 1 in the DU200 DucTester QuickGuide

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  3. What you may not know about duct testing methods

    Retrotec discusses RESNET duct testing code, as well as offering rules of thumb, and answering audience questions.

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  4. Unpack, connect DM-2 gauge - From the DU200 DucTester QuickGuide

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  5. DucTester Model DU200 Features

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  6. House Test - 5 - Duct Leakage to Outdoors

    This five part series looks what an air leakage test of a typical house might look at. In this part, we take a look at a duct leakage to outdoors test. In some cases, this is more important than a total duct leakage test, as this test narrows down the duct leakage to only the energy lost to the outdoors.

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  7. Duct Leakage to Outdoors: The Hard Way Using Method 2 in Pressurization

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  8. Use the @Pressure Key to Get More Exact Results

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  9. Choose Correct Range Ring

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  10. Duct Leakage to Outdoors: Is Even Harder Using One Gauge in Pressurization

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