Building Energy Codes

  1. Blower Door and Pressure Diagnostics (May 26th, 2016)

    -Test for Energy Code Compliance or Envelope Performance

    -Setup your gauge for code compliance

    -Best practices for blower door tests

    -Overcome common testing issues

    -Where are the most common envelope failure locations?

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  2. Title 24 Testing Requirements (Dec 2, 2014)

    • Title 24 Testing - not just for California
    • New Single Point and Multi-Point blower door tests
    • Total System Air Flow Test
    • Plenum pressure matching
    • Using duct tester or blower door as powered flow hood
    • The Energy Conservatory TrueFlow® meter
    • Leakage to Outside the CA method
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  3. IECC Code Compliance for Blower Door, Duct Testing, Testing Exhaust Fans (Oct 21, 2014)

    • International Energy Conservation Code testing requirements 
    • Top items to guarantee passing and when to perform the test 
    • Confirm compliance with WiFi gauges & apps 
    • What are the next testing requirements
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