Find DM-2 Gauge With Updates Software | Admin Shortcut

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I updated FanTestic software and now it cannot not find my DM-2 gauge anymore.


If you previously had to use the "ADMIN" shortcut to allow FanTestic to find your DM-2 then you need to make sure that the previous version of FanTestic and all shortcuts to it are removed from your computer.  Check here to find out if you need to use the ADMIN shortcut.

Uninstall FanTestic completely from your computer  using the Control Panel (choose the Remove from computer option, not the Revert to a previous version option if you are presented with a choice).  Uninstalling FanTestic will NOT uninstall the DM-2 USB driver.  You should still be able to see the Driver listed as installed in your Control Panel after you restart the computer. 

Delete all FanTestic shortcuts on your desktop, including the one labeled ADMIN if it is present. 

Restart your computer.   

Install the latest version of FanTestic from the website.

Follow the procedure as outlined in the document "Solve DM-2 Access Denied Errors...."  to create a new "ADMIN" shortcut on your desktop.

Using this procedure so that FanTestic runs as administrator means that FanTestic will not automatically check for updates anymore.  You can periodically check for updates by clicking on the "Check for Updates" File Menu item in FanTestic.  We also have a location on our website to check the latest published version: