FanTestic Integrity

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Enclosure Integrity testing software with automated report generation.

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Enclosure Integrity testing software with automated report generation developed by Retrotec to improve the user experience when performing tests. With an intuitive user interface, test setup and data entry is simple. It seamlessly calculates results in compliance with the most recent editions of all recognized gaseous fire suppression system standards.

Software to record readings from a fan and manometer set up to measure air leakage in an enclosure, and calculate results for agent retention time and peak pressure during hold time based on the measured air leakage. The software can automatically calculate results in accordance with a number of standard enclosure air leakage testing procedures. The software will generate a report containing measured and calculated results in accordance with the chosen standard testing procedure.

  • Fully compliant with the calculations in the latest standards (NFPA2001 -2012 edition, ISO14520-2006 edition, EN15004-2008 edition)
  • Record data from your enclosure integrity tests and let FanTestic Integrity calculate all the results and determine if the enclosure passes or fails
  • Calculate peak pressure in an enclosure and vent area needed based on measured air leakage
  • Test installed pressure relief vents to verify that the venting area is enough to maintain the enclosure structural integrity
  • Calculate additional venting required, if over the measured air leakage
  • Graphing – see the readings and calculated results visually on a graph
  • Generate reports in standard Microsoft Word
  • Users can customize the template being used for reports
  • Export readings to Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for alternate analysis
  • Choice of language for user interface and reports
  • Automatic updates:  software will connect to the Internet and check for a newer version of the software each time you run, which will download and install automatically if available
  • Runs on any computer, laptop, or tablet with a full version of Windows

FanTestic Integrity for Windows (three year license)


FanTestic Integrity

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Required OS

Full version of Windows (XP SP2 or later)

Required Software (for report generation)

Microsoft Word (2007 or later)

Microsoft Excel (2007 or later)


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