Level 3 - Enclosure Integrity Certification

Advanced Enclosure Integrity Testing and Evaluation

Estimated time to complete: 6 hours

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Level 3 is designed for testers with experience performing single-fan Enclosure Integrity tests, and need to be able to perform larger and more complex tests that, to a large extent, involve techniques to determine the location of leakage paths.

Technicians will learn how to measure leakage distribution through pressure neutralization tests where two fans are used for leakage isolation. Techniques to measure distribution using plastic membranes will also be taught.

This course covers more of the theory behind the test concepts and gives technicians a deeper understanding of what they are measuring and why. Also, more advanced tests on attached volumes, extended discharge and subfloors are covered in detail.

Any portion of training, levels 1-3, that is not completed  within 6 months of the commencement date will expire.  After that time, a recertification fee will be required to complete any unused training or add any further levels.
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Certification is rewarded with a formal certificate from Retrotec. Certification and support is valid for 3 years from the completion date. Recertification is available at any time during those three years to maintain current knowledge, compliance and testing confidence.


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