Level 1 - Enclosure Integrity Certification

*Completion of Enclosure Integrity Certification Levels 1 AND 2 is required before you are certified for testing.

You need this course to properly design and evaluate an enclosure.

Estimated time to complete: 4 hours

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Level 1 supplies the required information needed by witnessing authorities to properly verify an enclosure integrity test was done correctly using a detailed checklist and guide that virtually guarantees all significant factors are properly checked. Level 1 gives designers and consultants, the essential information needed to optimally design enclosures and clean agent systems.

Properly designed enclosures and clean agent systems will yield the longest hold time and lowest peak pressure while reducing exposure to risk created by smoke events. Enclosure Integrity Testers will learn the same details for verification and design that will ensure they properly understand the designer’s and the witnesses’ requirements.

Testers should pass Level 1 before they can take "Level 2 – Basic Enclosure Integrity Testing and Peak Pressure Analysis," which teaches how the actual door fan test equipment and software is properly used.

Any portion of training, levels 1-3, that is not completed  within 6 months of the commencement date will expire.  After that time, a recertification fee will be required to complete any unused training or add any further levels.
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Certification is rewarded with a formal certificate from Retrotec. Certification and support is valid for 3 years from the completion date. Recertification is available at any time during those three years to maintain current knowledge, compliance and testing confidence.


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