DM2 - Digital Manometer

The DM-2 is a two channel digital micro-manometer.

Note: The DM2 is only compatible with Model 3000 Fans & older. If using a newer model fan (including the Model 5000, Model 6000, Model 300, & Model 400), refer to the DM-32 Digital Gauge.

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Retrotec's DM2

The DM-2 is a two channel digital micro-manometer, or differential pressure gauge. It combines simple but comprehensive functionality, with intuitive controls and setup.

The DM-2 is a digital gauge that always displays the pressure on Channel A, but can display pressure measurements, calculated air flow, air changes per hour (ACH), or equivalent leakage area (EqLA) on Channel B depending on the Mode selected. The Digital Gauge Package provides all the nice to have items a first time tester will need with the DM-2.

The DM-2 can also present the measured results in a number of different units, which meet the professional standards of many different countries and testing protocols. To ensure accurate results, the DM-2 takes up to four pressure readings per second on each channel, and updates the information displayed on the screen every second.

Retrotec’s DM-2 puts the operator in command of virtually every parameter of interest to an air leakage tester. It represents a huge advance in building and envelope diagnostic instrumentation, accurately measuring airtightness for duct testing, building air leakage, and clean agent enclosure integrity testing.

Who uses it?

  • Energy Auditors, HVAC Contractors, Building Contractors & Remodelers, Home Inspectors

1 x DM-2 Gauge Package

  • DM-2 Dual Channel Digital Gauge
  • NiMH Batteries for DM-2 (Package of 4)
  • 9V DM-2 Power Supply (120V/60Hz, 240V/50Hz, or 110V/50Hz)
  • Formal calibration of DM-2
  • Gauge Calibration Verification Report

Specifications for Digital Gauge Model:


Gauge dimensions:

8.8" × 4.3" × 3.0" (22.2 × 10.8 × 7.6 cm)


14 oz (397 g)


A/C (country specific plug and voltage options) or (4) AA Batteries.

Screen type:

Monochrome non-touchscreen LCD display

Screen dimensions:

2.7” (6.8 cm) diagonal, 2.4" × 1.3" (6.0 × 3.3 cm)


8 bit

Pressure channels:

2 independent pressure channels (“A” & “B”)

Pressure sensor type:


Pressure range:

-1250 Pa to +1250 Pa (-5 to +5 in WC)

Pressure resolution:

0.1 Pa (0.0004 in WC, 0.002  psf)

Pressure accuracy:

±1% of pressure reading or ±0.15 Pa (whichever is greater)

Pressure accuracy calibration meets:

USACE, ASTM E779-10, CGSB-149.10, EN 13829,UK ATTMA TSL1 and TSL2, NFPA 2001, ISO 14520, EN15004

Operating temperature:

-40 to 130°F (0 to 53 C)

PC Connectivity options:


Recommended calibration interval:

Every 2 years

Supported Units of Measurement

Channel A:

Pressure: Pascal, in WC, psf

Channel B:

Pressure: Pascal, in WC, psf

Flow:  CFM, L/s, m3/s, m3/h

Flow per Area (Permeability):  CFM/sq ft, CFM/100 sq ft, CFM/1000sq ft, (m3/h)/m2, (L/s)/m2

Air changes per hour:  /h

Equivalent leakage area,  “EqLA”: sq ft, sq in, cm2

Equivalent leakage area per enclosure area, “EqLA per Area”:  cm2/m2, sq in/100 sq ft,

Effective leakage area,  “EfLA”: sq ft, sq in, cm2

Effective leakage area per enclosure area,  “EfLA per Area”: sq in/sq in, sq in/100sq ft, cm2/m2

*Results can be extrapolated to any desired test pressure


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