5220F - Hard Panel Fire System [Enclosure Integrity]



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Model 5220F Double Fan with Hard Panel

Model 5220F Double Fan with Hard Panel and DM32 WiFi does the same job as Model 5210F but as the Modular Panels that are quick to setup and look very professional.

The system includes two complete 5120F systems plus the leakage split kit with flex duct. Includes fan cases, as well as a large alumunum frame for tight enclosures.

Why Retrotec for Enclosure Integrity?

All Retrotec systems include tech support from Retrotec who originated the idea of Enclosure Integrity testing in 1984. They promoted it within NFPA and in 1986 wrote the first Enclosure Integrity standard. Retrotec has been the lead researcher for enclosure testing ever since.  Every major clean agent system manufacturer worldwide relies on Retrotec’s expertise for both hold time and peak pressure predictions.

2 x DM32 WiFi Digital Gauge Package

  • Each Package contains:
    • DM32 WiFi Dual Channel Color Touchscreen Manometer
    • USB Cable, 6' (1.8 m)
    • Cat5 Cable, 7' (2 m) Blue
    • DM32 USB Charging Module (120V/60Hz, 240V/50Hz, or 110V/50Hz)
    • Gauge Case
    • DM32 Magnetic Clip
    • ISO17025 calibration of DM32
    • Gauge Calibration Verification Report


2 x 5000 Series Fan Set

  • Each fan set contains:
    • 5000 Series Calibrated Fan
    • Range Ring A for 5000/6000 Series Fan
    • B8 Plate for 5000/6000 Series Fan
    • 8 x 4" Blank Plugs
    • Ranges 74, 47, & 29
    • 1 x Fan Cover
    • System Calibration Verification Report


1 x Large Cloth Door Panel & Frame - Double Fan 

  • Large 50" Aluminum Frame
  • Large #5 Crossbar
  • 3 x Fan Crossbar Strap for Aluminum Frame
  • Single Door Cloth
  • Large Roll Up Cloth Case
  • 2 x Large #6 Crossbar


1 x Leakage Split Kit (Imperial or Metric)

  • 1000/5000/6000 Flex Duct
  • Flex Duct Fill-In Sheet
  • Subfloor test panel for Model 2000/3000 Fans
  • Field Calibration Plate for Modular Panel
  • Flex Duct Case with Shoulder Strap


2 x Hard Panel Set for 1000/5000/6000 Series Fan


2 x Case for System Accessories

2 x Fan Case

8 x Roll of Grill Masks

2 x Blower Door Tubing Kit

2 x Umbilical for 1000/5000/6000 Series Fan, 7 ft (2 m)



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