Wohler VIS 350 Visual Inspection Camera

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Wohler VIS 350 Visual Inspection Camera

100 ft NTSC

Pipe inspection camera in a case: With the new Wohler VIS 350 video inspection camera, you not only have everything you need to complete drain and sewer inspections, flue gas and ventilation lines as well as industrial systems. You can also precisely locate the damage and accurately document the results of the inspection. With robust housing, pan and tilt camera capabilities Wohler VIS 350 is perfect for pipeline inspection, pipe cleaning, and a variety of other applications.



Locate damage and inspect:

  • Waste water lines of 2" dia and larger
  • House connections up to 8" dia
  • Flue gas systems of 2" dia and larger
  • Ventilation lines of ventilation systems
  • False ceilings, hollow spaces, shafts


  • Optics pan 360° and tilt 180° – facilitate maximum movement radius and ensure even the smallest damage does not remain hidden from your view
  • Store video footage and photos on a 4 GB SD card
  • Camera head with integrated transmitter facilitates location detection by the Wohler L 200 Locator
  • Digital position and angle of the camera head displayed on the monitor
  • Home function aligns the camera head to a straight position – display parallel to the ground above
  • Brightly illuminating color camera head, 2" in length and 1 1/2" in diameter, easily negotiates tight bends
  • Electronic meter counter with a resolution of 0.10 ft. displayed on the monitor
  • Bright TFT color monitor (tiltable and removable) supplies razor sharp images
  • Battery operating time: 2 x 120 min. with 2 rechargeable batteries (optional)
  • Fully equipped mobile solution in a robust plastic case


  • Transmitter integrated in camera head makes it possible to precisely locate the camera head
  • Facilitates targeted repairs to damaged pipelines
  • Telescopic holder makes it possible to locate damage under floors or in ceilings
  • Chalk holder with lithographic chalk ensures it is possible to mark located damage immediately
  • Long-lasting LI-ION rechargeable battery


Simply record and store photos and videos on a 4 GB SD card for documentation and archiving purposes for you and your customers




VIS 250

VIS 350

VIS 400

Dry and wet environments




5" dia or larger


3" dia to 5" dia

1.5" dia to 3" dia






Video Memory (4 GB SD-Card)

Digital Meter Counter

Video Output (RCA)

Built-in sonde for location

Audio recording



Monitor Display

7" TFT

7" TFT

7" TFT

Camera Head: Pan- and tilt


Wöhler VIS 350 Video Inspection Camera 100 ft NTSC
  • Visual inspection camera for sewer and water pipes, drain and flue lines, ductwork, etc.
  • Wöhler VIS 350 NTSC Visual Inspection Camera with digital meter counter in heavy duty carrying case
  • Video and still picture recording function
  • Pan and tilt color camera head 1.5" V2 NTSC
  • 4 GB SD card and mini USB cable
  • 7" TFT color monitor
  • 79" connection cable (removable monitor)
  • 100 ft push rod 6,5 mm
  • 5 plastic domes
  • 1 anti-slide mat
  • 2 NiMH batteries with charger


Dimensions housing

 7" x 4.5" x 1.3"


7" / 16:9 format

Video out

FBAS signal


1 lbs


Power Supply

Power supply

  Space for 2 rechargeable batteries, each 12 V or via power pack

Battery Operating Time

 Max. 2 rechargeable batteries, each 120 mins. = 4 h (battery status in display)


Pan & tilt 1.5" dia color camera head



Pixels 656 x 492 (NTSC) 

Light Sensitivity

0.5 Lux

Lens f = 0.09", F = 2.5
Viewing angle 115°
Light source 12 white LEDs
Degree of protection Waterproof to IP 67
Dimensions 1" dia x 2" 
Operation temperature 32...104 °F, RH 95 % MAX
Storage temperature -4...122 °F, RH 95 % MAX


Locator transmitter

Transmitter Frequency

8.9 kHz


Push rod


 100 ft.




Plastic case


 20" x 17" x 7" (l x w x h) 


18 lbs


Distance measurement

Wohler VIS 350 / VIS 300

Electronic meter counter



Locator Receiver


Graphic visualization of transmitted position


Output impedance 


32 Ohm

Power supply

 12 V NiMH battery (rechargeable)

Operating temperature

32...104 °F

Storage temperature

14...104 °F

Weight 1.3 lbs
Dimensions 13" x 6" x 3" (l x w x h)


Memory (Wohler VIS 350)


 4 GB SD card (2.5 h recording capacity)  


Mini USB port



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