Window Door Cloth for 300 series fan

Window Door Cloth for 300 series fan

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Retrotec’s cloth panel is the most economical choice for residential testing.  With the versatile window cloth panel, you can adapt your blower door system to test with a variety of window sizes. As an optional item for our DucTesters, this window cloth panel allows for maximum adaptability.  The durable cloth panel fits across an easy-to-assemble and highly adjustable window frame, allowing for maximum air tightness in your window setup.  

The window cloth panel comes in a rigid gun-style case for easy portability. When your air leakage test is complete, simply unclip and disassemble the frame, then roll up the cloth panel and you're on your way!

Cloth for Window Frame - 200/300 fan


Cloth for Regular Frame – Single 200 or 300 Fan

Part Number:


Compatible Fan(s):

Model 200, 300


1.5 lbs (0.7 kg)

Shipping Weight:

2.0 lbs (0.9 kg)



   Width (max):

49” (125 cm)

   Height (max):

102” (259 cm)


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