Virtual Gauge for PC

Software to remotely control and reflect the state of a real gauge connected to a computer, or to generate a simulated gauge on the computer which mimics the operation of a DM32 family gauge.  Provided as part of the DM32 Software Suite, or separately.

The Virtual Gauge provides two separate but related functions – simulation of a Retrotec DM32 series touchscreen gauge, and remote control and reflection of a real DM32 connected to the computer running the Virtual Gauge software.

  • The remote control function lets the user enter parameters on the Virtual Gauge and see them sent to the real gauge.
  • The reflection function reflects the values that are showing on the real gauge on to the Virtual Gauge.

Thus using the Virtual Gauge software in conjunction with a real gauge lets users control the real gauge directly by tapping on its touchscreen or by clicking on the Virtual Gauge screen and all user input is reflected on both the real and Virtual Gauge screens.

Simulating a touchscreen gauge lets the user practice with the gauge and enter simulated values for pressure on channel A and channel B.  The Virtual Gauge software is meant to be used for training purposes.

  • Remote control function
  • Reflects the values that are showing on the real gauge on to the Virtual Gauge
  • Simulates a touchscreen gauge
  • Runs on any computer, laptop, or tablet with a full version of Windows
  • Software for Windows computers
  • USB driver for DM32

Required OS

Full version of Windows (XP SP2 or later)


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