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The Building Simulator is a product for trainers wishing to simulate an enclosure during a live training course with Blower Door systems.

The Building Simulator represents a house with adjustable leakage that can be measured to simulate a Blower Door air leakage Test. The simulator represents any building and lets you adjust leakage from house-to-outdoors so you can practice with a Blower Door. The inside of the tent represents the “outdoors”, while the room in which you are standing represents the inside of the building.

Requires use of a blower door system for the demonstration (sold separately).

  • Easy set up and break down
  • Adjustable leakage amounts using Velcro sliders
  • The House Simulator can be connected to a Duct Simulator to demonstrate the Duct Leakage to Outdoors Test

Aluminum frame for simulator

Fixing kit for Aluminum simulator frame

Cloth simulator tent

3x ABS slide with Velcro sleeve


Building Simulator

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