DM32 Configurator Software

Software to configure parameters on the DM32 family of digital manometers, provided as part of the DM32 Software Suite.

The DM32 Configurator software updates parameters on gauges including Network settings, and is used to update the onboard software on the gauge (firmware) when the manufacturer releases new features.

  • Discover one or more gauges in the Retrotec DM32 family of gauges connected to the computer with a USB cable
  • Read and update the Network settings on the selected gauge
  • Read and change some settings on the gauge for which there is no user interface on the gauge
  • Update the gauge with new firmware when new features are released by the manufacturer
  • Automatically detects if the gauge needs updated firmware
  • Automatically detects gauge model (touch only, or WiFi)

Software for Windows computers

USB driver for DM32

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Required OS

full version of Windows (XP SP2 or later)


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