Calibration Plate for 300 series

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You’ll be comfortable knowing you’re using your new DucTester correctly simply by using this Field Calibration Plate.  Then you’ll be able to verify the accuracy of your equipment by using this 5-minute test on a regular basis. Show Code officials and builders that it really works. Detect equipment, set up and usage problems immediately to ensure your results are always accurate.

Retrotec’s Field Calibration Plate for the 300 series DucTester gives you an easy, five-minute test to verify the accuracy of your duct testing system.  Performing this test monthly will allow you to detect calibration problems early and fix them before they become serious.

The DucTester Field Calibration Plate gives you the means to check your system calibration in the field, to make sure it is performing at top accuracy.  The plate has a nozzle to connect a pressure reference, and is meant to be attached to the end of the flex duct. Knowing the size of the hole in the plate, the tester can run the fan, and measure the hole flow.  Comparing the result will indicate if the system is within parameters, and can give an indication when the system may need to be sent back to the factory for formal re-calibration.

Field Verification Plate

Connection port for your Blue pressure tube

*A Clear Flange is also needed if you have an older system or a competitor's duct tester.


Field Calibration Plate for 300 Series DucTester

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