6110F - Fire System [Enclosure Integrity]

Power to test large enclosures and dampers.

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6100 Fire System

To see if dampers really have the vent area they claim to have, they need to be tested and this model does that really well. It not only has lots of flow but can create 100s of Pa to see at what point the Pressure Relief Vents actually open. Then it will test the vent path to ensure the peak pressure evaluation complies with the standard.

Sufficient power also to test larger enclosures and an ideal place to start since it can be easily upgraded to the full feature 6210F when you want to measure the lower leak which often is the only way to pass many enclosures.

Test for hold times in flooded volumes up to 51,000 cu ft (1450 m3) for Inert agents and 106,000 cu ft (3000 m3) for halocarbon chemical agents.

Testing pressure relief vents will require more power. This system will test the venting for a volume up to a maximum of 12,000 cu ft (330 m3) for Inert agents although vents up to 8 sq ft (0.8 m2) can be measured individually.

Request literature on all of Retrotec systems to determine the size of enclosures that can be tested with each system.

Why Retrotec for Enclosure Integrity?

All Retrotec systems include tech support from Retrotec who originated the idea of Enclosure Integrity testing in 1984. They promoted it within NFPA and in 1986 wrote the first Enclosure Integrity standard. Retrotec has been the lead researcher for enclosure testing ever since.  Every major clean agent system manufacturer worldwide relies on Retrotec’s expertise for both hold time and peak pressure predictions.


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