Whole Building Blower Door Training With Multiple Fans
Posted on: 2020-12-23
In this video, Sam Myers covers the blower door testing process when more than one fan is needed. This includes a live demonstration in the training lab using Retrotec's FanTestic software. Sam uses
The Wohler VE400: What An Endoscope Should Be
Posted on: 2020-12-22
Check out the new Wohler VE400 endoscope! This endoscope is a dual-camera model that is perfect for inspecting issues in tight spaces. It has one primary camera and a secondary camera that can view
Virtual Training Center
Posted on: 2020-12-10
Take a quick tour of our new virtual training center where you and your team can make appointments to learn from the pros. Our team can demonstrate any test procedure live with any product or software
A Tale of Two Houses: How A Building's Air Tightness Affects Indoor Air Quality
Posted on: 2020-11-20
In this webinar, Sam Myers dives into two homes he tested that were having problems with high humidity, mold, and uncomfortable rooms. He also introduces his new air tightness testing simulator.
The REVEAL Smoke Generator by Retrotec
Posted on: 2020-11-12
Introducing the REVEAL Smoke Generator created by Retrotec. This leak detecting smoke generator is s a must-have in your airtightness detection tool kit. Learn more at
The Impacts of Wind on Blower Door Tests with Valerie Leprince
Posted on: 2020-08-19
In this webinar, Valerie Leprince from PLEIAQ covers her research on the effect of wind on blower door tests. Ever since the beginning of blower door testing, wind has always been an issue for testers
Turn Your DucTester Into a Flow Hood
Posted on: 2020-07-07
Do you own a DucTester? If yes, then you are very close to having a highly accurate powered flow hood. Using the Retrotec flow hood attachment, you can use your DucTester from Retrotec or our
Introducing SmartCloth: Integrated Wind Dampening For Blower Doors
Posted on: 2020-06-17
Meet the SmartCloth. This is the first product ever released by a blower door manufacturer that helps provide a more accurate and stable reading during windy conditions. It also reduces uses user
"Ask Us Anything" Retrotec Webinar
Posted on: 2020-05-26
A special webinar where Retrotec answers questions from the audience. Panelists include CEOs Ben Walker and Darren Kennedy, former owner Colin Genge, and airtightness experts Sam Myers and Lee
Introducing the Retrotec 300x DucTester
Posted on: 2019-12-20
Retrotec's 300x DucTester includes even more improvements to the residential duct testing system. Mount your DM32 WiFi Gauge directly onto the shell for easy accessibility. A new foot design allows
Retrotec Airtightness Testing Tools
Posted on: 2020-02-19
See a clip of airtightness testing tools, including the Model 5000 Blower Door System, the Tiny S Smoke Generator, the FlowFinder, and Grill
Field Checking Your Equipment
Posted on: 2020-04-23
Learn how to make sure your blower door fans, DucTester fans, manometers and tubing are all working as intended. You can't calibrate your equipment yourself, but you can check to make sure it is all
Case Study: Existing Home Gets Envelope and HVAC Upgrade
Posted on: 2020-04-18
Sam Myers invites Nate Adams back on the Retrotec webinar series to discuss a project where an older, leaky home with two gas furnaces gets air sealed and the furnaces are swapped out with for one
Retrotec Commercial Duct Tester - Model 400x
Posted on: 2020-02-19
Introducing the 400x, Retrotec's Commercial Duct Tester. Lightweight and handheld, this unit is s tru industry gam changer. Measure duct leakage in commercial systems up to 295 CFM at 8 inches Water
Retrotec FlowBox Demonstration
Posted on: 2020-04-06
Introducing the Retrotec FlowBox, an exhaust fan flow meter and pressure pan all in one tool. This tool is larger than similar products on the market which makes it compatible with more exhaust fans.
33 Fan Large Building Blower Door Test
Posted on: 2020-04-02
The largest buildings that have ever been tested for air tightness have been tested with Retrotec blower doors. This is because Retrotec is the only manufacturer to make a powerful fan that generates
HVAC and COVID19: An Education on the Indoor Air/Virus Relationship
Posted on: 2020-03-21
Our condolences to anyone out there that has been impacted by the COVID-19 virus. We wanted to present some insight as it relates to our industry through this webinar: This is a special webinar to
Blower Door 101 - An Overview of Air Tightness Testing for Beginners
Posted on: 2020-02-10
Air tightness testing for building enclosures is becoming more common in both new construction and existing homes. More states and code jurisdictions are now requiring new residential and commercial
Trade Show Booth and the New X-Series DucTester Shell
Posted on: 2019-11-14
In this clip, meet Jack Duffy who heads up our marketing department. Here, he'll show you how customers can demo new equipment at conferences and trade shows and also provide a look at the new
Blower Doors, Duct Testing & Manual J with Wrightsoft's Alex Meaney
Posted on: 2019-11-13
As we all know, one of the most important pieces of the home performance puzzle is properly sizing our HVAC equipment. In most cases, oversized equipment is an issue that we often run into when trying
Retrotec Frame Disassembly
Posted on: 2019-11-04
Retrotec's frames are built for quick disassembly. Watch this brief video to on how to *snap* apart your Retrotec frame in mere
Behind the Scenes: Customer Service and Shipping
Posted on: 2019-08-15
Have you ever called Retrotec with a technical question or to place an order? Match the faces to the names of our customer service and sales staff and meet Ed in shipping in this week's installment of
Behind the Scenes: Blower Door Assembly and Repair
Posted on: 2019-07-29
In this addition to Retrotec's "Behind the Scenes" series, you'll meet Justin and Josh who assemble and repair blower door fans at the Retrotec headquarters in Everson,
Duct Testing Best Practices
Posted on: 2019-07-26
In this webinar, Sam Myers covers all aspects of residential duct testing including total leakage, two methods for testing leakage to outside, testing at rough-in, exposing leaks, and apps that make
Behind the Scenes: DM-32 Assembly Room
Posted on: 2019-07-19
We're excited to kick off our "Behind the Scenes" video series this week. The series will introduce the people who design, build and calibrate Retrotec gauges and fans. We'll also show you how
Home Performance 2.0 with Nate Adams
Posted on: 2019-05-18
Retrotec’s Sam Myers welcomes co-host Nate Adams to discuss Home Performance 2.0, a new and innovative approach to working within the home performance industry. In addition to being a seasoned and
The Evolution of Air Sealing with Owens Corning
Posted on: 2019-02-08
Sam Myers invites co-host Cody Wilson from Owens Corning to discuss air sealing practices to get the most bang for your buck in new construction homes. AeroBarrier is also discussed in great detail.
Calibration and Field Checks
Posted on: 2018-12-21
In this webinar, Sam Myers covers various methods to check gauges, fans and tubing to ensure they are working properly and within calibration. He also provides a behind-the-scenes look at the

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