Software Support Request

To submit a software support request, fill in all the required information, provide a detailed description of the problem you are experiencing and the steps to reproduce this error. Attach up to five files for us to use in diagnosing your error. We will try to respond within 3 business days.
For example: Find this in the Title bar when you first start the program.
The version of Windows you are using and version number. ie WIndows 7 home 64-bit v.
For example: version 2.2 build 49. Shown on the screen when gauge starts, or tap the Settings key and find it on the third screen
Required files to upload: Test file (with extension .exml or .fxml) with data displaying problem (from Documents\Retrotec\Tests folder) Log file from the date when the problem occurred (from Documents\Retrotec\Logs folder) Recommended files to upload: Settings.xml (from Documents\Retrotec\AppData folder) screenshot images showing the problem

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