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DM32 Overview (Jan 23, 2014)

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DM32 Overview (Jan 23, 2014)

What we covered:
- DM32 interface and operation; 
- Setting up WiFi connection; 
- Advanced testing techniques; 
- How to upgrade your DM32; 
- Controlling MN fans with DM32;

House Test - 1 - Setup

House Test - 1 - Setup

This five part series looks what an air leakage test of a typical house might look at. In this part, we discuss how to setup for a house test. It's important to properly prepare before testing, so that we know the results are accurate.

Retrotec Equipment Set up Q&A Webinar

2013-04-04 Retrotec Equipment Set up Q&A Webinar

Retrotec's free monthly webinar on equipment set up.

Level 2 Energy Training - Part 1 Introduction

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Level 2 Training - Part 1 Introduction

Part 1 is an introduction to Retrotec's Level 2 Energy Training Course.

Retrotec Q46 - Fan & Gauge Setup

Retrotec Q46 - Fan & Gauge Setup

Once the door panel is set up, it's important to properly set up the DM-2 gauge for use with your fan. This overview provides a basic understanding of how the gauge and fan should be configured.