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ESDS Version 3.0 for WA State

The Washington State Department of Commerce has released, " Evergreen Sustainable Development Standard Version 3.0 ." Below are notes as related to residential airtightness testing:

Section 5.11: Airchange on rehab gets 3 pts for 7 ACH and 7 pts for 5 ACH. This could be difficult in some types of houses. Key step, is to find all the attic leaks around plumbing stack vents and...

Is Duct Leakage To The Outdoors Always Needed?

Duct leakage to outdoors tests are needed, even if duct work is within the conditioned space

If ducts are installed completely within the conditioned space do we need to test them? The International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) requires we only test duct work if it is outside the conditioned space, such as an un-insulated attic or basement. If we do test them, is total duct leakage enough, or are these leaks still finding their way to the outside? These questions are always popping up on...

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