DM32 running a Minneapolis Blower Door

A new brain for your existing fan.

Modernize your entire system.

Breathe new life into your old fan with a DM32 Smart Gauge. A new world of testing options at your fingertips. Scroll down to see just some of what you can do with a DM32.

iPhone Gauge Remote controlling DM32 wirelessly

Wireless control.

iOS, Android, Windows.

Run your Retrotec or Minneapolis Blower Door™ or Duct Blaster® from anywhere in the building using your smartphone, tablet or PC with the free software. Monitor combustion appliance zones (CAZ) from anywhere on any smartphone.

Android, iOS, Windows
DM32's large and bright touchscreen

Touchscreen interface.

Controls every Retrotec or Energy Conservatory Device.

Minneapolis Blower Door™, Duct Blaster®, TrueFlow® Grid or Exhaust Fan Flow Meter or Retrotec Blower Door or Duct Tester - the DM32WiFi will control them with more options and calculated results.
Test at any pressure, tap to GO, tap to STOP. Clearly displayed Baseline, Device, @ Pressure and Range. Change units on the fly.

Smarter and smarter...

Free gauge updates online.

Download new features and improvements into your DM32 Smart Gauge for free over the Internet. Like a smart phone. No need to send your gauge back.

Automatic firmware updates via USB cable.
Any meausurement unit you need

Code compliant results.

Without a computer.

Results requiring complicated calculations are displayed. Use the units required for your Code. The DM32 will, for example, calculate Air Changes at 50 Pascals.

Compact, lightweight DM32 fits in hand perfectly

Ergonomic design.

Made for active field use.

One hand operation while you're on the move. Clip your gauge to your belt or use the super magnets for hands-free operation. Slip resistant rubber feet grips smooth surfaces. Peel-off screen protector. Touchscreen with gloves or stylus.

Laptop controlling DM32's screen directly

Two-way control over the Internet.

Easy learning, support, and verification.

Share your gauge and results live with anyone in the world with a PC and an internet connection. Great for learning, troubleshooting or test verification.

Intuitive setup with color coded tubing, autocorrection factors and more

Simpler, Faster, Smarter.

Because your time is valuable.

Time is money. Smart Gauge keeps your settings from last test. Connect the color tubes to the same color connectors.

Li-ion. Recharge with a USB from a computer or wall outlet

Lithium-ion battery.

Long life, lightweight.

Lithium-ion battery, just like your smartphone. Three years battery life. Run WiFi all day. Recharge, even in your car with a USB charger. No need to buy new batteries after a few days of WiFi use.

Accurate pressure sensors calibrated for 5 years or more

Calibrated for 5 years.

State-of-the-art pressure sensors.

New digital state-of-the-art pressure sensors are much more stable than the previously used analog type. The entire calibrated sensor is on one chip reducing power consumption.

This could be the start of a beautiful relationship.

We’ve got your back.

Li-ion. Recharge with a USB from a computer or wall outlet

Over 30 years of industry experience, research, and development have made this gauge possible - and we’re just getting started. We’ll work with you to make you more successful.

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