Gauge Trade In Special

In addition to the $995.00 payment, you must send your functional DG-700 Pressure and Flow Gauge to Retrotec.

Retrotec will send the DM32 Gauge after confirmation of payment and receiving the DG-700 Pressure and Flow Gauge.

Send gauge to:

ATTN: Retrotec
1060 E Pole Rd
Everson, WA 98225

Ensure to include your contact info details, including the serial number of the gauge.

Offer valid for US and Canada only. No additional discounts apply.

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Gauge Trade In Special

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Trade in your old functinoal DG-700 Pressure and Flow Gauge from The Energy Conservatory
Upgrade to Retrotec's DM32!

DG-700 must be functional in order to qualify for trade in offer. Offer only valid in US and Canada.

Step 1: Purchase $995.00 Offer

  • Simply "Add to Cart" and pay for your online order 

Step 2: Send us your functional DG-700 Gauge

  • Your "The Energy Conservatory DG-700 Pressure and Flow Gauge" must be received before Retrotec will ship the DM32 Gauge.

  • Send your DG-700 Gauge to:

                         ATTN: Retrotec
                         1060 E Pole Rd
                         Everson, WA 98225

                         Ensure to include your contact info details,
                         including the serial number of the gauge


  • Retrotec's sales team will notify you via email once Retrotec has received your gauge.

Step 3: Receive DM32 Gauge!

  • Retrotec will send your DM32 Gauge to the physical address associated with your profile.


If you require the DM32 to be sent out prior to sending in the DG-700, contact our sales team for other purchase options.

  • DM32 WiFi Dual Channel Color Touchscreen Manometer
  • Gauge Case 
  • Speed Control Adapter
  • Speed Control Adapter Tubing Kit
  • QuickGuide for Speed Control Adapter
  • ISO17025 calibration of DM32
  • Gauge Calibration Verification Report

Note: In additional to the $995.00 payment, The Energy Conservatory DG-700 must be shipped to Retrotec prior to receiving a Retrotec DM32 Gauge. If you require the DM32 Gauge to be shipped earlier, contact our sales team for other purchase options.


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