Knowing When To Use The Admin Shortcut For FanTestic

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I have DM-2 gauges and FanTestic cannot communicate with them.  Does the ADMIN shortcut help me with this?


Some computers need you to create the ADMIN shortcut to be able to communicate with DM-2 gauges.  Only some computers have a problem letting FanTestic communicate with the DM-2, and there is a special procedure to give FanTestic permission to access the ports. You do not need it for DM32 gauges (if you have a problem with DM32 USB, use the Ethernet option). 

Check that you have the DM2 USB Device Driver installed (look in Control Panel).

Run the DM2Checker from your start menu. (if this is not in your start menu, then you need to install the DM-2 USB device driver from the website).

If, and only if, you see the "error 5: access denied" message while running the DM-2 Checker, then you need to follow the procedure to create an ADMIN shortcut for FanTestic to give FanTestic permission to find your DM-2 gauges.

The ADMIN shortcut procedure is found at:

If you are using the ADMIN shortcut, FanTestic will not notify you that the software has an update available.  Use the File menu>> check for updates option when your computer is connected to the internet to find out.