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What is the flow range (in units of CFM) for the 5000/6000 fan's range configurations?


500 Flow Chart.

6000 flowchart

How do I know how many fans I need for a Blower Door or Enclosure Integrity Test?


We have created two tools to help you ​figure out how many fans you will need for your test.

To access them, click on the link below:

Then, scoll down to the Tester Tools section and download either the Blower Door or Enclosure Integrity version of the Number of Fans Calculator .

Next, open the file in excel and "Enable Editing" when a security warning appears.

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When should I care about leakage around the door panel?


Modular Panels are designed to be placed into doors that are not well sealed. The panel leakage for the Modular Panel is about 14 square inches compared to about 3 square inches for the Aluminum Frame and Cloth and around 1 square inch of leakage for the upgraded Aluminum Frame with snap together corners. These three panels represent three typical doorways:

  1. Poorly weather-stripped which would have an approximate 1/16 inch gap which equals about 14 square inches leakage;
  2. A well weather-stripped and adjusted door would be around 3 square inches or leakage;
  3. A
  4. ...