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Why does my gauge show two dashes “—“?


​Fan Pressure (flow pressure) is too low for the Range, which means you should change to a smaller more restrictive Range to increase fan pressure.

How do I know if I need to use the ADMIN shortcut in FanTestic?


Some computers need you to create the ADMIN shortcut to be able to communicate with DM-2 gauges. Only some computers have a problem letting FanTestic communicate with the DM-2, and there is a special procedure to give FanTestic permission to access the ports. You do not need it for DM32 gauges (if you have a problem with DM32 USB, use the Ethernet option).

Check that you have the DM2 USB Device Driver installed (look in Control Panel).

Run the DM2Checker from your start menu. (if this is not in your start menu, then you need to install the DM-2 USB device driver from the...

What are the manufacturer's recommendations for equipment calibration?


​Our manufacturer's recommendation for calibration is as follows:

  • ​​Retrotec fans: Every 5 years.
  • DM-2 Mamometer: Every 2 years or if the Mamometer fails a field check.
  • DM32 / DM32 WiFi Mamometer: Every 5 years or if the Mamometer fails a field check.

Please review the DM32 and DM-2 Manuals on how to perform a field check.

This only covers our manufacturer recommendation. The energy standards (EN13829, ASTM, ATTMA, USACE, etc...) that you are using for test results may have different calibration intervals. Please consult the energy...

When do I need to install a USB driver from the website?


​If you have a DM-2 and want to connect to it using software such as FanTestic or the Retrotec Data Logger, you need to install a USB Driver.

Check your Windows operating system version to determine if you need a 32 bit installer or a 64 bit installer, and download and install from the website.

If you have a DM32, you should use the WiFi or Wired Ethernet connection to the computer for controlling the gauge. The only time you need to connect the DM32 to the computer using the USB is when updating the gauge firmware using the DM32Configurator software . You can use the USB...

I updated FanTestic software and now it cannot not find my DM-2.


If you previously had to use the "ADMIN" shortcut to allow FanTestic to find your DM-2 then you need to make sure that the previous version of FanTestic and all shortcuts to it are removed from your computer. Check here to find out if you need to use the ADMIN shortcut.

Uninstall FanTestic completely from your computer using the Control Panel (choose the Remove from computer option, not the Revert to a previous version option if you are presented with a choice)....

My computer cannot connect to the DM-2. How do I fix this?

  1. Make sure you have the DM-2 USB driver for the operating system version that matches the one on your computer (32bit or 64bit) installed on your computer. You can see it listed in the Control Panel.
  2. Run the DM-2 Checker software that was installed with the USB driver. There will be a shortcut to it in your Start menu of programs: The DM2 Checker will open a window on your desktop, and continuously show the connection information about the DM-2 connected to your computer.
  3. Sometimes you will have to Right click on the DM2 Checker and “Run as Administrator” in order
  4. ...

Why does FanTestic not find my DM-2 gauge when I start an Auto Test?


Your computer is limiting access to the USB ports by programs. ​In order for FanTestic to access the USB ports on your computer, you may have to "Run as Administrator". You will need to follow the procedure outlined in the attached document, regardless of whether you have Administrator privileges on your computer.

This problem can be avoided if you have a DM32 by connecting the DM32 gauge using an Ethernet cable to connect the computer to the Network port on the gauge instead of using the USB cable.