Frequently Asked Questions - 1000 / 2000 / 3000 Series | Retrotec

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Should I tape over the L ranges on my 1000/2000/3000 series fan?


​The L ranges on the fan are designed to be left open unless you are using L2 or L1.

Covering those four 1 inch holes in the center of the C8 plate will cause range C1 to read about 25% higher and C2 to read about 12% higher flow.

What are the manufacturer's recommendations for equipment calibration?


​Our manufacturer's recommendation for calibration is as follows:

  • ​​Retrotec fans: Every 5 years.
  • DM-2 Mamometer: Every 2 years or if the Mamometer fails a field check.
  • DM32 / DM32 WiFi Mamometer: Every 5 years or if the Mamometer fails a field check.

Please review the DM32 and DM-2 Manuals on how to perform a field check.

This only covers our manufacturer recommendation. The energy standards (EN13829, ASTM, ATTMA, USACE, etc...) that you are using for test results may have different calibration intervals. Please consult the energy...