Frequently Asked Questions - 200 / 300 / 400 Series | Retrotec

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What are the manufacturer's recommendations for equipment calibration?


​Our manufacturer's recommendation for calibration is as follows:

  • ​​Retrotec fans: Every 5 years.
  • DM-2 Mamometer: Every 2 years or if the Mamometer fails a field check.
  • DM32 / DM32 WiFi Mamometer: Every 5 years or if the Mamometer fails a field check.

Please review the DM32 and DM-2 Manuals on how to perform a field check.

This only covers our manufacturer recommendation. The energy standards (EN13829, ASTM, ATTMA, USACE, etc...) that you are using for test results may have different calibration intervals. Please consult the energy...

Is using a positive duct test pressure advantageous?


The main disadvantage to positive duct test pressure is that it blows off register seals or makes them leak. An LBL study showed a wide dispersion of results when the same duct test was repeated many times. Depressurizing will allow the use of lower sticking masking materials that are less likely to pull off the paint. In some cases plastic food wrap will work.

The main advantage to positive duct test pressure is that the flex duct doesn't contract as much. In cases where the flex runs to the ceiling this contraction effect might cause problems.

Testing using...