External Louvre for Single Flow Vents

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The new High-Pro Range of Pressure Relief Vents is a new development in the world of pressure relief vent for gaseous extinguishing system that provides 100% EFFICANCY AT 100 PASCAL’S this equates to a Free Vent Area of 92% with an RTOP of 1.1 at all pressures. This meant that we needed to develop a new Dynamic Louvre that provides a much higher free vent area than industry standard weather louvres and we also wanted to provide an excellent weather and wind seal as well as offering an option for thermal insulation.

The main problem with standard Louvres is they are only provide 50 to 60% free vent area. The new Dynamic Louvre APS has developed not only provides 90% free vent area and is over sided to allow a greater FVA than the pressure vent.

We have also used lighter blades and others on the market to reduce the differential pressure resistance and increase the free flow characteristics of the unit.

With the new High-Pro DL Dynamic Weather Louvre APS can provide a system of pressure venting that is greatly superior to any other offering on the market. APS can also provide thermal insulation to the DL to improve the buildings emission level and heat or cooling levels. This can be offered as an option to the standard unit.

External Louvre for Single Flow Vents. Multiple sizes available. Choose from:

  • 300 x 300 mm External Louvre for Single Flow Vent
  • 500 x 500 mm External Louvre for Single Flow Vent
  • 700 x 700 mm External Louvre for Single Flow Vent
  • 1000 x 1000 mm External Louvre for Single Flow Vent
Vent Size RVS150 RVS300 RVS500 RVS700 RVS1000
Height (mm) 280 420 700 840 1135
Width (mm) 430 430 630 850 1140
FVA @ M2100Pa 0.045 0.085 0.27 0.46 0.92
Hole Opening (W x H) 320 mm x 170 mm 310 mm x 320 mm 520 mm x 590 mm 710 mm x 730 mm 1010 mm x 1020 mm
Unit Weight 8kg/18 lbs 12kg/27lbs 20kg/44lbs 35kg/77lbs 55kg/122lbs
Wall Opening Size (W x H)

340 mm x 190mm
 or 13.38” x 7.48”

345 mm x 345 mm 
or 13.58” x 13.58”
545 mm x 615 mm
or 21.46” x 24.22"
745 mm x 745 mm
or 29.33” x 29.33”

1050 mm x1045 mm
or 41.34” x 41.14”

Fire Rating 4 Hours to BS476-20 and certified to E120 / EW120 to EN13501

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