External Louvre for Dual Flow Vent

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APS manufactures a range of standard external weather louvers for all types of use. It provides a Free Area of 64% whilst achieving a high level of weather proofing to the unit. All louvres are tested to EN BS13030.  The external weather louver works with the internal dual flow vents of the same size to allow the vent to be used externally.

Constructed from high grade aluminium, APS can offer finishes in any RAL colour or a simple mill finish.

APS manufactures the Air Pressure Solutions External Weather Louvre in any size with all units made to measure it make the installation simple as we provide a up to a 50mm flange option. The standard flange is 35mm. Other sizes are available.

This simple high quality unit is offered with a 5 year warranty 

External Louvre for Dual Flow Vents. Multiple sizes available. Choose from:

  • 300 x 300 mm External Louvre for Dual Flow Vent
  • 500 x 500 mm External Louvre for Dual Flow Vent
  • 700 x 700 mm External Louvre for Dual Flow Vent
  • 1000 x 1000 mm External Louvre for Dual Flow Vent
Vent Size RVD300 RVD500 RVD700 RVD1000
Width (mm) 430 630 830 1130
Height (mm) 470 670 870 1170
Depth (mm) 100 100 100 100
Hole Size (W x H)  345 mm x 345 mm 545 mm x 620 mm 745 mm x750 mm 1045 mm x 1045 mm
FVA 0.081/ 0.081 m2 0.261/0.261 m2 0.453/0.453 m2 0.9/0.9 m2
Unit Weight 15 kg 32 kg 45 kg 55 kg



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