I see online on the support page, or when I use the File menu item 'Check for updates', that there is a new version for the software, but when I launch my existing version of the software, I do not get the message that there is a new version.  

This problem is often caused by anti-virus programs. In particular we have found that using Internet Explorer and a virus protection program from Microsoft called 'Windows Smartscreen' can cause the problem, but others will likely also interfere with the download.

Disable your anti-virus program, uninstall the earlier version and download and install the new version from the website:


If you are using FanTestic with a DM-2 and have to use the ADMIN shortcut to be able to control your DM-2, you will newer get notification of the need to update.  To do the update, you will need to use the procedure outlined here:


It may also help to set Retrotec.com to be a trusted website.  Follow the procedure described here: