Retrotec’s DucTester Challenge was designed put your skills to the test. The purpose of this challenge was to find ways to improve duct testing times and repeatability. Nothing like competition to accomplish that.

The challenge was held at Energy OutWest 2016. Prizes included a $2500 Gift Certificate for the fastest Energy Conservatory Duct Blaster™ test and a separate $2500 for the fastest Retrotec test. Participants also received a bonus gift of a Retrotec Clear Flange and Field Calibration Plate when testing with both models.


The results were amazing!


A special congrats to Tyler Tarvin of Community in Action, the winner of both $2,500 prizes!

* 22.46 seconds with the Retrotec DucTester

* 56.22 seconds with the Energy Conservatory Duct Blaster™


Think you have the skills to be the next winner? Watch these videos to help you train and stay tuned for the next challenge date.