Retrotec Newsletter: June 2017

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Retrotec Newsletter: June 2017
Limited Supply: Refurbished FlowFinder Powered Flow Hoods

A very limited supply of refurbished FlowFinder Powered Flow Hoods have become available, and they aren't expected to last long.

Get yours for only $2,500.00 USD 
The FlowFinder is unusual in that it’s zeroing goes down to 1/100 Pa.  Most are only good around zero to about 2/10 Pa making the FlowFinder exceptional where pressures are low or where there is an alternative route for the air to flow.
The FlowFinder measures 6 to 326 CFM in full zero balance mode and up to 503 CFM in compensated mode.  It is super light and small and can measure kitchen exhaust, HRV flows in tight places. The “Killer” application for the Flow Finder is that it can be used on a sales call with a Blower Door to identify and measure duct leakage to outdoors visually and quantitatively.  Just use the Blower Door to pressurize the house to 25 Pa, and if smoke moves at the registers, the Flow Finder will measure it allowing the operator to identify the most cost effective work that can be done on a home. 
Connect with our sales team to learn more.
New rCloud User Manual for iOS is Available!
Retrotec has released a new rCloud User Manual for iOS users. Windows and Android coming soon!
Familiarize  yourself with Retrotec's rCloud testing data platform for automated blower door and duct tests. The manual provides instructions on connecting to your gauge, hotspots, and WiFi networks.
Industry News:

Passive House Study on Tall Residential Buildings

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) funded study shows Passive House for tall buildings in NY can reduce heating energy consumption by 85%. When compared to the base case targeting LEED Silver, the Passive House design saved 47% in energy use intensity while only increasing construction cost by 2.4%.  Improved air quality and longevity make this a very good investment over time. 

 Thank you to NYSERDA  for funding the study to determine how the construction industry can become more energy efficient.

 Passive House is the equivalent of the German PassivHaus Standard. 

 The study is available here.

 A condensed White Paper version is available here.

Upcoming webinars:
Blower Door Testing for Code Compliance
Thursday, June 22nd @ 11:00 PST
Topics covered will include: 
  • Setting up and performing a test
  • What to do if the home fails- blower door test failure is not an option
  • How to comply with State testing requirements
  • Creating an automated compliance reports with rCloud
  • Get your questions answered by a ICC code official

Upcoming events:
2017 North Carolina High Performance Buildings Conference
  • July 12th - 13th
  • Charlotte Convention Center
  • Charlotte, NC                                                                     1-855-738-7683 
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