Retrotec Newsletter: July 2017

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Retrotec Newsletter: July 2017
Video Interview: Testing Results in the Cloud
Our own Kirsten Richnavsky, a Retrotec Technical Sales Representative, was pleased to be interviewed at the NCBPA Conference in Raleigh, NC. 
In this interview, Kirsten highlights factors that make Retrotec the industry leader, including equipment ease-of-use, online training, and detailed information about Retrotec's rCloud testing app.
Thank you NCBPA & RFF Marketing for the interview!

Watch the video:
Retrotec - Cloud based reporting
rCloud Tutorials: Manual & Videos
Familiarize  yourself with Retrotec's rCloud testing data platform for automated blower door and duct tests.
The rCloud manual, along with instructional videos, provide instructions on connecting to your gauge, hotspots, and WiFi networks. Bookmark our YouTube page & check back often for additional upcoming instructional videos.
rCloud Connectivity Tutorial iOS device to DM32 Wi Fi Create
rCloud Connetivity Tutorial Gauge to iOS Device Personal Hotspot
rCloud Connectivity Tutorial DM32 and iOS to same Wi Fi network

Upcoming webinars:
Quality Control: Finding Leaks in Ducts
Tuesday, July 25th @ 11:00 PST
Register now and join us as we discuss:
  • Why testing at the rough-in stage can be essential. 
  • How a simple test with the just a gauge can determinate the dominate leakage.
  • Best practices for using theatrical smoke in residential duct systems. 
  • How to perform a pressure pan test to locate leaks. 
  • Why Leakage to Outside can significantly reduce the leakage results. 
  • Why GaugeRemote and Virtual Gauge can cut labor costs and increase quality.

Quality Control: Using the Blower Door to Find Leaks in The Envelope
Thursday, July 27th @ 11:00 PST

  • Learn how the Pressure Pan is an amazing tool to find duct leakage & envelope leakage.
  • Determine if the air barrier is the interior drywall or an external material, the what significance this has on different climate zones. 
  • Zonal Pressure Diagnostics basics.
  • Determine if the attic, crawlspace, and/or garage is connected to the conditioned area. 
  • Demonstrate other methods for finding large areas with leakage.
  • What are the options of demonstrating to the client where is the significant leakage.

Upcoming events:
2017 North Carolina High Performance Buildings Conference
  • July 12th-13th
  • Charlotte Convention Center
  • Charlotte, NC
  Northern California/Hawaii EBB Recertification Seminar
  • September 11th
  • Springhill Hotel
  • Napa, CA
MEBB Annual Meeting
  • September 22nd
  • James B Henry Center
  • Lansing, MI

2017 MEBB (Mid-South) Recertification Seminar

  • September 23rd-24th
  • Marina Inn at Grande Dunes
  • Myrtle Beach, SC                                                1-855-738-7683
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