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Newsletter January 2017
2016 Product Summary
2016 was a powerful year for industry innovation.  Catch up on Retotec's new releases:
An industry game-changer. rCloud is the only automated testing app that geolocates test location, automatically performs blower door or duct tests to common standards and creates secure compliance reports that can be shared immediately and viewed from anywhere. 
Install any number of fans in any opening with our new stacking panel that rep laces the old 3 Fan Folding Panel used in the Model QMG.  Why "stacking"?  Carry them to the test site in a stack that is 30x30" and as high as needed for any number of fans.  Get a lot more panels in a small space making shipping faster, cheaper and easier. S old  individually or as a system .
A high-output battery-powered fog machine, the Power Tiny is  used for air flow and air tightness testing.

Considered by experts as simply the best fogger, this German made unit has the best controlled smoke stream for small and large leak locating applications.  Portable, battery powered- it even has a remote control.
The Smoke Injector attachment for the commercial 441 DucTester connects the Power Tiny fog machine directly to your commercial 441 DucTester, allowing for duct leakage detection.

Get this cable from Retrotec, add
 one on many  recommended battery packs then run your Model 300 Blower Door or
DucTester on jobsites where
power is not available or inconvenient.

Saves time, reduces wear and leaks.  Attaches permanently to your flex duct so you can set up and break down with ease.  Save time, protect your equipment and look professional while you do it.

Performance Testing for a Healthy Home Evaluator
Are you a BPI Healthy Home Evaluator? Then you won't want to miss January's webinar. Find solutions to issues such as: 
  • What diagnostics tests are most common for home evaluation? 
  • What are the benefits of using a blower door in a Healthy Home evaluation? 
  • How to perform pressure diagnostics with just a gauge 
  • Should you perform a blower door test when suspect conditions are observed? 
Join us Thursday, January 26th @ 11:00 PST. 
Upcoming events
2017 HPC Northwest Regional Home Performance Conference
January 23rd-27th, Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront, Portland, OR

2017 AHR Expo
January 30th- February 2nd, Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV

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Up to date? 
  • Virtual Gauge - v.1.9.113 Last Update 2015-12-15 ...for more information  
  • DM32 - v.2.4 Build 71B1 Last Update 2015-12-01 ...for more information  
  • FanTestic - v.  Last Update  2016-01-12 ...for more
For a complete list of all of our Software Updates click here
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