1. Make sure you have the DM-2 USB driver for the operating system version that matches the one on your computer (32bit or 64bit) installed on your computer.  You can see it listed in the Control Panel.
  2. Run the DM-2 Checker software that was installed with the USB driver.  There will be a shortcut to it in your Start menu of programs: 

    The DM2 Checker will open a window on your desktop, and continuously show the connection information about the DM-2 connected to your computer.
  3. Sometimes you will have to Right click on the DM2 Checker and “Run as Administrator” in order to get the DM2 Checker to run and find the gauges.  If you have to do this to run the DM2Checker, then you will have to carry out the "Run as administrator" procedure for FanTestic as well (see the attached document "Solve DM-2 Access Denied Errors...").
  4. If you see the Error 5: Access denied message in the DM2 checker:
    • in order for FanTestic to find the DM-2 you have to follow the procedure in the attached document "Solve DM-2 Access Denied Errors...". 
    • in order for the data logger to find the DM-2 you will have to Right click on the Data Logger shortcut and "Run as Administrator"
  5. If there is no error 5 but the DM-2 Checker cannot find the DM-2, then you need to check the hardware: 
    • Make sure the DM-2 is powered on and is fully charged. 
    • Change the USB cable, and make sure that the cable is well connected at both ends. 
    • Try connecting the DM-2 to an active USB hub (a hub that plugs into the wall for its power) and then connect that hub to the computer.  Some computer USB ports do not provide enough power.