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*You can view the version of the Retrotec software you are using by starting the application and looking at the top left corner on the title bar*


Software Release Date Features
FanTestic  2020-06-23 
  • fix for custom flow equation parameters being overwritten when test files are opened 
  • fix old ISO9972/EN13829EU standard UI to include EQLA in the data sets and translate flow rate for German
  • remove bias warning for ASTM but include it for properly ISO9972 and USACE
  • include full 3 decimals for atmospheric pressure in the UI and report
FanTestic 2018-01-31

Major maintenance release of FanTestic


  • allow changing of flow units in all standards, users can set preferred flow units in Advanced Options
  • allow entry of custom fan flow equation parameters in all standards
  • include standard air density at fan calibration as parameter to enter with flow equation parameters
  • ensure that too high flows and negative flows (because of bad flow equation parameters) are flagged in UI
  • include the air density at fan calibration for ISO9972/EN13829/ATTMA calculations (defaults to Retrotec standard value)
  • fixes for display of LowFP conditions
  • fix for EQLA reference pressure in each standard and other settings not reflecting what was saved in Settings.xml
  • show r2 in en13829(france)

Live Gauge Operation:

  • prevent stalling during operation, was happening after gauge recovery and during data capture
  • fix resume problems and improve messaging after gauge fails at various times in the autotest
  • fix change device/range on gauge so it is recognized both when test is paused and when stopped and restarted
  • range changes properly shown in UI even with multiple gauges
  • changes in the right hand Gauges display to:
    • show location of fans next to gauge serial in gauges display, since cannot see equipment tab when running a test
    • show fan pressure when using semi-auto, GaugeOnly or (no flow) range
    • fixed range of values and display of units showing on live flow and pressure displays
  • fix for DM-2 primary test going to 10% during static collect after a gauge recovery
  • fixes to prevent DM-2 changing speed during data capture
  • improved UI responsiveness even when showing live graphs
  • improved messaging about gauge failure/recovery
  • do not bias to target to seek for EN13829FR as well as ISO9972FR
  • prevent gauge failure event during seek start unless there are gauges with problems
  • skip checking of CurrentError if using IndividualControl because it is updated by different gauges (faster arrival at target)
  • fix messaging when start test without doing find gauges and gauges are different than door fans
  • proper operation if unsupported device is chosen on gauge (such as hole flow)
  • fix for No Pressure detected pop up not pausing test for user intervention
  • fix to allow bad flow readings during the initial ramp up time of seeking to pressure
  • fix bug where not finding serial gauges if any wifi+usb connected
  • ensure failed range change on DM32 is reported
  • turn the Autozero off during tests (back on when test stops, and when gauge restarts)


  • show the readings in the tooltip making up each static point  averages for automatic tests
  • update all sample control units dropdown value when units changed
  • improve responsiveness of UI when using graph
  • show the room pressures with two decimal places for automatic tests since they are averages
  • automatically create new log for each test, to reduce overall size of logs
  • fix for summary graphs only showing bias averages and not all the bias readings for auto tests (CAS-07043-L6Q4X4)
  • changes to fix bad manual data entry into staticAfter point clearing staticBefore point
  • fix crash when new file created on brand new installation of FT (with no doorfans in a previous exml file)
  • better notification of null or empty string filenames during autoSave (prevent loss of filename on save)
  • fix red colouring for manually entered bad fan pressure
  • fix for range change not happening
  • fix so TestDashboard gauge controls are available when gauges are lost
  • prevent ability to change range in TestDashboard when test is in progress unless are waiting for range change
  • fix FanPressureLine label to show pressure units when using NoFan or (no flow) range
  • make sure lowFP are marked properly in multiple fan situationsfix fan pressure lines so correctly updated in all circumstance
  • prevent change of FPL range during test
  • prevent users changing fan pressure line range dropdowns while test is paused
  • make sure Begin Autotest button does not disappear when changing range in fan pressure line or on startup of brand new install
  • prevent removal of FanPressureLine with low fan pressure after a range change (bug 11647)
  • fix double resume prompt after gauge failure

SMACNA test improvements:

  • fix SMACNA calculation of F extrapolated to required duct pressure (cfm/100sqft)
  • allow entry of gauge calibration date in Duct tests
  • fixes for SMACNA UI decimal places, and better semi-auto prompts when capture data
  • resume dialog in SMACNA now clears the point if there is data in it, and resets time elapsed


  • support new ATTMA lodgement format
  • changed calculation in ATTMA (which  makes results close to ISO9972)
  • ATTMA standard requires use of qm to calculate the regression instead of qenv(in/out), but we are using Qenv as per guidance from ATTMA
  • fixed ATTMA error calculation, checked all calculations against ATTMA spreadsheet - some issues because of terminology and tubing
  • the ATTMA change makes the results different from ISO9972 and EN13829
  • fix ATTMA UI losing some results after looking at other standard tests and then re-opening


  • updated manuals to fix broken links and include new ATTMA lodgement instructions


  • regression line in graphs adjusted to match correctedFlow in all cases
  • fix GaugeOnly information output to tables in reports
  • fix for zero pressure lines being exported to excel
  • fix for graph maximum flow being lower than highest flow reading sometimes
  • fix summary graph time labels on x axis (room pressure chart)
  • fix for duct pressure graphs in reports not showing all points
  • fix some of the missing french found in generated report
  • fix for creating duct test reports not simplifying and opening word file
  • fix for generation of template_to_customize with no test file open
  • update all MS Word report templates to use compatibility mode to ensure users of older versions of MS Word have access to report generation
  • prevent output of 0 room pressure readings to excel
  • fix the code to ignore blank readings that are in exml files, do not count as red, do not average them in to either flow or room pressure nor rp variation


  • allow decimal entry on semi-auto fan speed entry and have TestDashboard show correct chosen pressure
  • fix for semi-auto limiting number of cells to put readings (was based on number of autotest points instead of number of display cells)
FanTestic 2017-07-25
  • fixed range change so it does not lose connection with gauges 
  • ISO9972FR tests will seek to the target pressures entered, not modified by the bias pressure 
  • provide retrieval of custom flow equation parameters based on entry of a fan serial number 
  • bring back the onscreen gauge display and graph during an auto-test 
  • fixed problem with DM-2 controlled fan sometimes not being started when used as a slave to a DM32 
  • fixes in FDE51 duct test for calculation of the maximum allowed 
  • set 3 bias points at 10s each for default iso9972FR 
  • ensure test direction starts out as Depressurize, not Unknown for ISO9972 
FanTestic 2017-05-11
  • enable saving and retrieving of custom flow equation parameters for polynomial ranges with non-CFM units 
  • fix report template for ASTM tests to have correct reference pressure for ACH if using other than 50Pa as the reference 
  • force summary combined result calculation exceptions for ISO9972France only to apply when using ISO9972FR 
  • clear all affected results and uncertainties when building dimensions are zero 
  • fixed ISO9972(France) special compliance checks and result calculation to only apply if user has chosen ISO9972(France) as their standard 
  • fix for calculation of uncertainty for EFLA per envelope area in ISO9972 
  • check for no building height or stories entered when calculating height*temperature difference 
  • change in default n value for residential ducts (RESDUCT standard) 
  • fix for calculation of average when some entered data readings are blank or entered fan pressure is too low 
FanTestic 2017-02-23
  • fix to properly ignore blank readings - wait for gauge to respond 
  • fixed ISO9972 and EN13829 compliance checks on min target to be against measured, not induced pressure 
  • fixed ISO9972 compliance checks to be 5 induced with no limit on dwell time.  Also baseline points for a total dwell of 30s. 
  • fixed so compliance check uses the correct dwell time when manually entered 
FanTestic 2016-12-13

New Features:

  • supports new 2015 version of ISO9972 (EU) and ISO9972 FD 50-784 (France)
  • can change flow units on the fly in all standards except ASTM, USACE and ATTMA
  • up to 24 fan pressure lines will now appear automatically in generated reports (covering cases where a multiple fan test with up to 12 fans uses 2 ranges, or other combinations)
  • drag and drop of .exml test files to open them in FT 
  • simplified license key entry: drag and drop of license key text file into FanTestic license key text entry box in Settings- UI now shows both the measured and induced room pressures.  Hover over measured room pressures to see variability in the tooltips
  • improved tooltips in the UI for Fan pressures: shows Fan Pressure corrected by room pressure where that is needed for non-self referencing fans 
  • allow entry of all fan calibration information including polynomial range parameters in the flow equation parameters for fans
  • improved messaging in the TestDashboard to show target error and error limit when seeking so no need for Gauges display to be open (which slows data collection)
  • force hiding of Gauges display tab during Auto Test - updating screen taking too long
  • improvements to excel output: include units, both room and induced pressures, qr, qm and qenv for all standards and for each fan

Bug Fixes

  • fixed regression line on graphs to show corrected flow vs corrected room pressure (noticeable at high inside/outside temperature difference)
  • prevent fatal error when selecting a non-retrotec gauge
  • fix for 300 fan not being recognized as valid for autotest
  • fix for ATTMA individual address parts not being retrieved from file
  • fix for ranges in flow calculation not matching those for the fan chosen in equipment tab
  • updated flow equation parameters for depressurize range for 340
  • fix for DM-2 getting stuck while seeking to target
  • fixes for use and display of comma decimal separator in languages that require it
  • fix wrong calculation of flow when entering manually for DM-2
  • fix Resduct display of floor area so it is not overlapping temperature
  • fix missing translation keys for entering new license key warnings
  • fix ATTMA display of CL so it shows correct value
  • allow changing of flow units in all standards except ASTM, USACE and ATTMA
  • improved messaging in the TestDashboard to show target error and error limit when seeking
  • improved message after sample calculated indicating what is wrong with test parameters in iso9972 (i.e. not enough points taken)
  • force hiding of Gauges display tab during Auto Test - updating screen taking too long
  • fixes for problems resulting from null reference during Gauge Checking
  • hide and disable gauge display during data collection on autoTests to improve performance (re-drawing takes too long and cannot be backgrounded)
  • allow gauge display during Semi-Auto, but hide it when opens
  • fix so primary gauge not overwritten when checking for gauges
  • provide a cancel test button when equipment does not match gauges found when starting or changing ranges in SemiAuto
  • prevent infinite loop during auto test when gauges and equipment do not match (gauge lost or other changes)
  • improve performance of graph on first opening
  • more clean up when opening and closing files to minimize memory usage
  • include more FanPressureLines in generated reports so up to 24 lines will appear in the reports (covering cases where a multiple fan test with up to 12 fans uses 2 ranges, or other combinations)
  • allow drag and drop of .exml test files to open them in FT 
  • include in the tooltip for Fan pressures: Fan Pressure corrected by room pressure where that is needed for non-self referencing fans 
  • allow changing of polynomial range parameters in the flow equation parameters for fans
  • fixes for menu labels
  • allow changing of K1 and K3 as well as N and K in the flow equation parameters for fans
  • fixes for updating ISO9972 UI, more translations
  • allow drag and drop of license key text file into FanTestic license key text entry box in Settings
  • autotest now seeks to the desired induced pressure based on initial bias pressure and test direction
  • fixed bug where fans were stopping when data capture was starting
  • changes to support ISO9972 (EU) and ISO9972 FD 50-784 (France)
  • output of qr, qm and qenv for each fan for ISO9972 to word reports
  • output to excel as well for ISO9972
  • separate measurement accuracies for each of Volume, Envelope Area and Floor Area
  • show qr, qm and qenv for each fan in the tooltip of Fan Pressure in the UI
  • show room pressure min and max in the tooltip for Room Pressure in the UI
  • colour Building Pressure number red if variation is greater than 10%
  • output of both room pressure and induced pressure to word reports 
  • output of up to 12 fans data to word reports
  • output the average bias pressure to reports 
  • improvements to excel output: include units, both room and induced pressures, qr, qm and qenv for all standards and for each fan
  • fix licensing problem for Duct Leakage Calculator
  • prevent ductRequiredCFM being rounded
  • properly calculate bias pressures in all cases 
  • fixed error in french en13829EU report template - switched floor and building in one table
  • fix for null gaugeset in seeking pressure semi-auto and data collection 
  • change all references to http to https
  • fixes in reporting to properly handle removal of the poly range tables - 2016-09-06
  • additions to FlowCalculator class
  • fixes in reporting to get rid of references to TotalFanPressure
FanTestic 2016-01-12
  • allow ISO9972 as a choice of standard combined with EN13829EU
  • changes for ISO9972 in report templates (new compliance title, report name, report template name)
  • fixed problem with notes entry in en13829EU/ISO9972 in summary table
  • improvements when finding USB DM32 gauges
  • new item in tools menu to update measured time per flow point and time per static point (so USACE tests can be made compliant even if the auto test did not calculate the duration)
  • improvements to the Custom Flow Equation Parameters entry window (show the parameters version or custom, suggest date)
  • show flow equation parameters version on door fan labels in the equipment tab
  • included tooltip on new doorfan label explaining the flow equation version parameters
  • put flow equation parameters version into report as part of the calibration date
  • allow users to see flow equation parameters and enter date of fan calibration even if there is data in the test so they can check flow equation parameters but not change them
  • continue to prevent entry of K1 and K3, K2 and MF because the parameters calculated by agencies other than Retrotec should not include them
  • updated french and british language files
  • fixed refresh and operation of "no flow" choice so the fan pressure line gets zeros
  • fixed changing between "no flow" and other direct entry choices
  • fixed autoreported crash when door fan added
FanTestic 2015-11-12
  • updated fans to Round B1 flow equation parameters (450, 5000, 6000 had changes)
  • always check for TCP DM32 connection first so can plug into power on a computer using serial cable
  • all multiple fan tests now update building pressure variation grid, not just USACE
  • when lose a gauge - made sure does not delete DoorFans nor fan pressure lines already containing data
  • allow Semi-auto to run when find fewer gauges so can finish test, particularly baseline
  • fixed semi-auto window so can enter pressure target greater than 100 Pa
  • fixed so Semi-auto updates the duct test elapsed time
  • fixed timeout problem during semi-auto when gauges are fine (internal ramp time was done but no data in the error queue yet)
  • fixed titles on flow gauge display to show 0.0 for small values, and enough decimal places
  • disabled all UI in sample controls so no changes can be made to operator location, wind, temp, barometric pressure during tests
  • disable the graph when running test unless is duct test to minimize memory use and processor during test
FanTestic 2015-09-25
  • made Common Control properly slave all gauges to primary speed 
  • allow USB DM32 to be re-plugged into the same port, and recover 
  • fixed not being able to start second dataset (DM32 Ethernet and DM-2) (reworked gauge disconnection recovery) 
  • fixed starting a new point randomly after a test is complete  
  • fixed collecting data into the wrong data point - after a test has been stopped/restarted or had a gauge failure/recovery 
  • fixed so Collection of Static points does not start at high rate of change, and collect a high room pressure while fan is still coasting down 
  • provide more user instruction during gauge failures and notify if cannot stop the fans 
  • now catch 100% speed but overpressure condition when seeking pressure and let the test continue 
  • now Timeout when a test stops functioning, or crashes  
  • allow user to collect data if reach 100% speed but target pressure not attained 
  • fixed excel output to french template cutting off numbers at the digit separator 
  • fix for USACE calling correlation coefficient r2 and changed all report templates to use correct term squared correlation coefficient 
  • fix ASTM difference % value off by 100 
  • fix for wrong calc of lower confidence/upper confidence in combined result EQLA 
  • fix for ATTMA adjusted flow calculation for pressure and temperature 
  • prevent deletion of fan pressure lines containing data when gauges are lost 
  • added Ask for Support item to help menu 
  • new manuals with how to change range, common control explanation 
  • improved labels and axes min/max on set and results graphs  
  • fixed legend disappearing on second open of dataset graph
  • fixed combined result graph with multiple fans, if some have no data (manual entered) 
  • output fan location to equipment table in Word reports 
  • limited string lengths in ATTMA lodgement to prevent server error, added Mastic - None choice 
  • fixed new protocols not saving settings, sometimes not getting default settings for reference pressures in settings window 
  • updated norwegian factory template report 
  • fixed when report gen fails - to give better message 
  • handled Arabic date format parsing problem in demo Licenses
FanTestic 2015-07-29

- fixes for ATTMA lodgement system

- fix for ASTM infiltration window

FanTestic 2015-07-23

- fixed so enclosure integrity test standard stops showing up in Duct test list

FanTestic 2015-07-20
  • fixed bug when using GaugeOnly - range changes on other devices not respected during autotest
  • fixed report templates - calibration table for first fan in the report was missing the date and notes, sometimes polynomial ranges were not removed
  • fixed Summary control not letting user enter notes until a second test file was opened
FanTestic 2015-07-08
  • fix for losing gauge connection when starting pressure targets in auto test 
  • changes to ATTMA lodgement to match the latest web service specification
FanTestic 2015-07-07
  • fix so FanTestic correctly determines self-referencing status of fan when reading custom fan coefficients created in an older version 
  • fixed unhandled exception when access is denied to MyDocuments\Retrotec\AppData when saving history.xml file 
FanTestic 2015-07-06
  • fix for file causing problems with deployment on some computers 
  • change for 450 fan range 47 coefficients 
FanTestic 2015-06-30
  • Duct Testing Standards implemented 
    • British DW/143 Commercial Duct Testing 
    • EN12237EU Residential and commercial duct testing 
    • French FD E51-767 Residential and commercial duct testing 
    • North American SMACNA Commercial Duct Testing  
    • single point North American Residential Duct Testing  
    • Cost of residential duct leakage estimation tool now provided in FanTestic (same as provided in the Retrotec duct leakage report generator spreadsheet) 
  • report outputs for all new standards 
  • ATTMA users can send their tests to their official lodgment web service directly from FanTestic 
  • New Devices provided in FanTestic menus 
    • 4000, 5000, and 6000 fans included as possible devices 
    • updated fan coefficients and ranges for new fans models 300-450 
    • checks for DM32 version of at least 2.3.63 when discover gauges 
    • option to collect data from "Gauge only" = a gauge with no fan attached 
  • Improvements based on user feedback 
    • improved graphs  
    • improvements in semi-automatic and automatic test process 
    • improved gauge recovery when DM-2 or DM32 gauges experience errors 
    • show normalized leakage area for all EN13829 variants 
    • include EqLA and EfLA in all energy standards - in the report outputs and the UI  
    • more and updated language translations 
    • fix for EN13829 custom fan coefficients not holding between tests
FanTestic 2015-01-26
  • fixed bug in reporting -- EN13829NL tags left in non EN13829 reports 
  • fixed bug if every reading for baseline is zero, average is zero and shows blank in the UI 
  • fixed test operation so if House is chosen in FDE51 test, there are no warnings about L/A or min area for tested duct 
  • some improved french translations 
  • allow fan coefficient entry in all EN13829 and EN12237 
  • fix for auto test sample labels for pressurization/depressurization when duct testing 
  • update UI with min and max test pressure attained during duct auto test
FanTestic 2015-01-16
  • European Duct testing standards included - EN12237 and FD E51-767 
  • New manufacturer recommended default settings for target points in automatic testing for all standards to encourage more repeatable test results 
  • Dutch residential house testing standard NEN2686 included 
  • Simplified Word Report templates to have only the tags for the single protocol in use to make templates easier for users to customize 
  • Included custom fan flow coefficient entry for EN13829(France) 
  • 450 fan included as possible device (for commercial duct testing) 
  • DM-1 included in gauge drop-down list 
  • new fan flow coefficients for 300,340, 350 and 450 fans 
  • includes check for latest dm32 version when discover gauges 
  • many improvements in semi-automatic and automatic test process 
  • fixes for bugs in the report generation 
  • fix for buttons overlapping on small screens
FanTestic 2014-09-12
  • ATTMA custom fan calibrations working, gauge correction factors removed 
  • Fixed manual entry of data to properly calculate no matter what the order of data entry 
  • Fixed report generation for EN13829SE and EN13829DE 
  • Fixes in conjunction with DM32 firmware (must be > build 2.1.42) for fans starting at 100% speed and always being below 10Pa 
  • Fixes for DM-2 starting data collection too early 
  • User interface improvements to limit user input during an Autotest, limit collect during semi-auto, and give more feedback about gauge failures 
  • Included Finnish language, updated other languages 
  • removed errant .exe file in build causing download issues with window8/firewalls
FanTestic 2014-07-09
  • fix for better handling of old licenses   
  • new report templates with some excel fixes  
  • language fixes - USACE compliance and french air changes
FanTestic 2014-07-08
  • fixes for European licenses
  • languages updated
FanTestic 2014-07-07
  • fixes for reading corrupted licenses  
  • languages updated 
FanTestic 2013-08-02
  • Public Release