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*You can view the version of the Retrotec software you are using by starting the application and looking at the top left corner on the title bar*

Software Release Date Features
FanTestic Integrity
  • fix so Low Fan Pressure properly pops the dialog during auto-test and to prevent stalling during auto-test then reporting Low FP when clearly it is not
  • fix to allow manual entry to change ranges no matter what is in other sets 
  • Prevent deleting of DoorFans or changing primary when there is any target data in the file 
  • ensure that the DoorFan designated as primary is properly identified during gauge refresh 
  • keep the user entered capitalization for the fan serial numbers  (either lower and upper case fan serial numbers in calibration data file are the same fan) 
  • when using Seek To Induced Target and/or Adjust Target for High Baseline settings it is possible to get a stall where the gauge stops trying to seek, thinking it has reached pressure. this was caused by a mismatch between gauge set pressure and new seek target when a test direction change is needed after the first target point reading is collected. 
  • during auto-test, open the range change dialog when fan speed stalls at 0.1 speed and cannot achieve room pressure or has low Fan Pressure on single fan common or individual control. 
  • remove the ‘Change Range’ button from the TestDashboard once a test completes. 
  • prevent target values set for hi-lo changing to lo-hi when new adjusted low target is higher than specified high target.  This applies when you have the Adjust Targets For High Baseline set 
  • fixed hyper-links to support documents  on the opening screen that were not being found on the website 
  • prevent the ISO9972 manual showing up in Integrity Help menu since it is an energy standard. 
  • fix for UI lockups that seem to occur only for some modern machines (higher end hardware) running Windows 10. 
  • ensure Settings menu does not show the option to choose a lodgement which is a FanTestic only option 
  • at startup, check for missing Visual Basic prerequisite, that should be installed with Windows,  and give message if not. 
  • Fix for UI lockups that seem to occur only for some modern machines (higher end hardware) running Windows 10 
  • fix crash that happens after Settings Form closes if it is opened without a test open 
  • fix crash at the start of an Auto Bias Test 
  • prevent a change in test direction after a range change being able to change sign of existing data.  This is a random occurrence in the old version, and very unlikely in Integrity
FanTestic Integrity 2020-06-23
  • fix for custom flow equation parameters being overwritten when test files are opened 
  • fix temperature data entry so the values for initial are automatically entered for final (because only enter initial)
  • fix barometric pressure for NFPA to show properly in the UI 
FanTestic Integrity 2017-05-11
  • changed standard density of air for all ISO14520 versions to use the 1.205 value as we do in ed2015, so all old tests using the previous version of the standard will have different results if opened in the new version of Integrity 
  • changed so the calculation of hold time for lighter than air agents (nitrogen) in older versions of ISO14520 respect equations E.17 and E.18  (gives much shorter hold time) 
  • ensure old tests can be successfully read in and have flows re-calculated  
  • put  "Unable to calculate peak pressure for agent" warning into compliance statements in report templates and into the peak pressure tab for agents missing gas data such as Halon 
  • include message for user to check the protected and room height when negative hold time is calculated 
  • enable saving and retrieving of custom flow equation parameters for polynomial ranges with non-CFM units 
  • fix for calculation of average when some entered data readings are blank or entered fan pressure too low 
FanTestic Integrity 2017-02-23
  • fix for ISO14520:2015 equation E8 calculation of thick interface in certain circumstances 
  • fix for He override not working anymore in ISO14520:2006 
  • new labels for the BCLA and Lower/Upper leaks tests Maximum allowable to be less confusing 
  • change FTI APSAD to use design/1.3 for minimum, and change translations for cDesign 
  • include the table from APSAD for concentration d'extinction nominale to be used for cDesign 
  • fix density equations to use either ISO or NFPA standard densities of air (which are different) 
  • update Venting Calculator to allow ISO14520:2015 edition as a choice for calculating 
  • fixed ISO14520, compliance checks on min target to be against measured, not induced pressure 
  • fixed so compliance check uses the correct dwell time when manually entered 
FanTestic Integrity 2015-12-09
  • no more envelope area warning
  • allow NFPA 2015 Edition or 2004 Edition in VentingCalculator
  • calculate mass when concentration entered
  • put the override statements in to the reports
  • round B1 flow equation parameters
FanTestic Integrity 2015-08-28

- includes new Retrotec model 5000 and 6000 fans
- includes calculation of hold times for Aerosol agents
- includes pressure regulating valve option for agents
- includes 2015 edition of NFPA2001

- keep Venting and Peak Pressure expander tab disabled and not expanded, until a whole room leakage is calculated
- fixed new protocols not reading settings

FanTestic Integrity 2015-08-25
  • includes new Retrotec model 5000 and 6000 fans 
  • Includes calculation of hold times for Aerosol agents  
  • includes pressure regulating valve option for agents 
  • includes 2015 edition of NFPA2001
  • new agent Ceodeux B0480 Pressure Regulated [IG-100] 
  • Include reference to the Aerosol standards (NFPA2010 and ISO15779) in output reports 
  • provides help information regarding Aerosol hold time calculation (link to help -information in the window when Integrity opens) 
  • includes graph showing allowable leakage range (leakage needs to be less than that -required for hold time but more than that required to be under allowed peak pressure) 
  • prevent report from being generated if missing data for calculations 
  • updated flow calculation parameter information in reports
FanTestic Integrity 2015-03-16
  • changes to AS-ISO and ISO calculation of K1 because of error in the standard formula (mainly a problem with Nitrogen) 
  • fixed manual room pressure and fan pressure entry 
  • graphs can resize onscreen 
  • prevent infinite loop in BCLA F calc 
  • prevent BCLA or Upper leaks being added if using Nitrogen, give message  
  • fix UI mistakes in the BCLA, Lower Leaks and Upper Leaks test 
  • prevent report generation if no valid data, give user a message
FanTestic Integrity 2015-02-26
  • has a problem with manual entry of room pressures being halved 
  • has a problem with nitrogen calculations for ISO and AS_ISO 
  • fixed ASISO not calculating hold times or ELA - combined k1 always close to zero because of erroneous k1 equations in ISO standard 
  • fixed NFPA2004Ed not calculating when calculate button clicked - or can possibly get calculation warning to enter concentration but there is no data entry spot for it  
  • fixed bug in NFPA2001 2004 edition which prevents calculation
FanTestic Integrity 2014-11-19
  • Included Australian ISO14520 option and report 
  • Included French APSAD standard option and report 
  • Changed name of EN15004 to British Standard EN15004 
  • Provide overrides in the UI so users can control calculation options 
  • Design concentration reference tables for all standards 
  • New agent IG-55 with pressure regulating valve 
  • Allow entry of agent quantity by volume for any inert agent 
  • Fixed pass/fail problem with results between 9.5 and 10 reporting a pass for 10 min instead of a fail 
  • Finnish language 
  • Fixes for venting calculator pressure entry, and output of units to report 
  • Fixes for printing and file history management
FanTestic Integrity 2013-03-27
  • Major changes to the Venting and Peak Pressure Analysis to show what is being calculated   
  • Included the Venting Calculator stand alone tool in the Tools Menu   
  • New reference table for NFPA Design Concentrations for some agents   
  • Licensing change:  only licensed copies can generate reports, demo and expired licenses show a sample report only   
  • New manuals in the help section   
  • New agents added   
  • FSSA is default for venting/peak pressure calculations   
  • Many user interface improvements to clarify operation   
  • updated language support