Consider the following:

  1. Connection range lowers when the DM32 gauge is under low battery power. The voltage goes from 4.2V down to 3.3V and the signal strength output is slightly reduced. If you are having connection troubles and can only connect within a few feet, you should first check if the battery level is in the ‘red’; if so, charge the DM32.
  2. You may have an older version of GaugeRemote installed  – make sure your Andriod or iOS device is updated to the latest. There have been improvements in the most recent versions to improve reconnection.
  3. Some mobile platforms’ ROMS have issues with their WiFi connection (something Retrotec cannot control). For example, the recent iOS 8.0 had WiFi issues and Apple had to  push a fix out for 8.1, and then subsequently 8.1.1 for further patching. Go into the Settings of their mobile device, check its version number, and make sure it’s running the latest mobile OS version.
  4. In rare instances, mobile devices can have hardware issues with their WiFi antenna. To test and see if this is the case, try to see if the device can seamlessly use the internet through a home or work WiFi network.