Software Release Date Features
DM32 Firmware 2.5.35.B1  2018-09-18

Current General Release for 10A and 20A gauges. 

Bug Fix:  If Acquiring Baseline was active, and the user pressed the power button, the user was returned to the Gauge Screen, but Acquiring Baseline was still active. 

DM32 Firmware 2.4.71B1 2015-12-01
  • When a pressure measurement exceeds the maximum pressure limit of the sensor, "+ +" flashes for that channel's pressure/result
  • The maximum allowable Set Pressure value for the gauge depends on the gauge's pressure sensor.
    E.g. the Set Pressure limit for "20A" gauges is 4983 Pa (~20 in WC)
  • If the Set Pressure value entered exceeds the Set Pressure limit, a warning message displays what the maximum allowable Set Pressure value is
  • The n-value of 450 Device is changed to 0.65 for more realistic commercial duct flow extrapolation
  • A designation appended to the firmware version ("B1" in this version) is shown on the splash screen and home screen; to indicate which Round of Published Flow Equation Parameters are used by the installed firmware version for its flow calculations
  • Graphics changed for Range 102 to better distinguish Range 102 from Range Plugs; for 300, 340, 350 Devices
  • Optimized Flow Equation Parameters of 450, 5000, 6000 Devices for improved flow accuracy
  • New Opcode added, "WFAr", retrieves: Serial Number, channel A pressure, channel B pressure, Fan Speed, Fan Index, Range Index, Flow
  • Bug fix: Fan Speed for 400 Device stuck at 10% when Set Pressure value is greater than 1245 Pa
  • Bug fix: 1000.0 Pa pressure measurement was incorrectly truncated to display as "000.0" Pa
  • Bug fix: Flow calculations for 4000 Device involving channel A pressure needs to be computed as absolute value
DM32 Firmware 2.3.62 2015-06-22
  • EEprom driver modified to support ISSI EEprom chip, which is replacing the SST25V. 
  • Bug Fixes:  ISSI EEprom Write Routine had two very bad bugs, one of which was killing the SPI Driver. 
  • Bug Fix:   Factory Parameters were never sticking because the Factory Signature Word was never being written to nonvolatile memory. 
  • SST25V –compatible: Bug Fix: When PID Control was active, the PID algorithm was being temporarily degraded by a user entry of either a new AREA or VOLUME value. 
  • New Flow control algorithm added for the Model 300 Fan. 
  • Autosensing of EEprom type causes dynamic switching between EEprom firmware drivers:  ISSI or SST25V. 
  • Support added for three new fans:  4000, 5000, and 6000. 
  • UI improvements and bug fixes for fans 4000, 5000, and  6000 
  • Beeper driver has been restored to the pre- v2.2.56 version. 
  • Fan 450 Bug Fix:  Fan 450 PID Ki setting was incorrectly documented to be zero. 
  • Restored the Ki setting to 0.002. 
  • Changes to Fan Coefficients Tables. 
  • Fan 4000  underflow checking has been reversed. 
  • Screen indices have been corrected. 
  • 450 fan images were not being used. 
  • Bug Fix:  4000 Fan CFM results are now properly displayed in conformance with the defined range checking rules. 
  • Bug Fix:  on the CLI interface, Fan 450 indices were off by one unit. 
  • PID Change:  For the 450 Fan, pI = 0x00. 
  • Bug #1586 fixed: 450 range settings were starting out wrong when a Set Device #450 CLI command was received. 
DM32 Firmware 2.2.49 2014-11-18
  • Bug Fix – On the Splash Screen, added a Space Character between “Serial Number” and the actual serial number. 
  • Bug Fix:  At zero pascals Channel B pressure, flow (units of CFM) are calculated, and this should not happen since there would be no flow so it doesn't make sense. 
  • Sensor Type is now displayed on the Main Gauge Screen. 
  • Bug Fix:  TRUE FLOW Range #14 and Range #20 ‘K’ values had been accidently crisscrossed. 
  • Bug Fix:  MN Exhaust Fan E3 K value was incorrectly set to 10.7.  It has been corrected to 10.07. 
  • Pressure calculation limits for the 4” sensor have been increased to +/-1245 Pa. 
  • Bug Fix:  For the French Language, the Group Separator must be ‘ ‘, not ‘,’.  (SPACE, not COMMA). 
  • Bug Fix: Sending range = 1: device shows "TrueFlow 20". Sending range = 2: device shows "TrueFlow Open" with HoleFlow icon 
  • Bug Fix:  The max AREA or VOLUME value allowed to be entered via an OPcodes commands has been increased from 65,000 to 999,999. 
  • Bug Fix:  Changes to the Hole Flow Area via opcode command were not being saved to nonvolatile memory. 
  • Retrotec device 360 has been renamed to Device “450”. 
DM32 Firmware 2.1.42 2014-09-15
  • New Set/Get Multiplier Opcodes have been added SET A: WFAj, GET A: WFAk, SET B: WFAl, SET B: WFAm 
  • Bug Fix:  If the Hole Flow Area is updated by the opcode “WF]”, then active screen is updated if that screen was displaying the Hole Flow area. 
  • Feature Change:   When opcode Set Pressure is executed (“WFe”), then if Set Pressure was not previously active, then
         1) Set the initial fan speed for the PID to be the larger of the currently active fan speed or 10%,
         2) Set the target pressure to the incoming parameter, and
         3) Activate the Set Pressure PID.   
      Else, if Set Pressure was already previously active, then
         1) Set the target pressure to the incoming parameters, and
         2) Continue the Set Pressure PID without any other changes. 
  • n-value display has been removed from the Settings Menu.
DM32 Firmware 2.1.34 2014-07-08
  • Increased Fan Speed Jog resolution to +/- 1%.   
  • PID control settings for all Fan Devices have been improved.  
  • New Flow/Area units added: m3/(s*m2).   
  • Five new Fan Devices added:  300, 340, 350, 360, and 240.  
  • Flow Results - CFM results that are negative are now flipped to positive.   
  • Metric suffixes have been revised.   
  • Non Pressure outputs are rounded to 4 significant digits rather than 3.5.   
  • Bug fix: In the Pressure B Display, sometimes the leading "0" was disappearing. 
DM32 Firmware 2.1.26 2013-12-16
  • Bug 1461 “re-fixed”:     Autozeroing samples were leeching into the averaging filter. 
DM32 Firmware 2.1.15 2013-09-13
  • Bug #1417 has been fixed.    There will be no more inexplicable wifi dropouts while running in INFRASTRUCTURE Mode.