Congratulations to Craig Senglin, winner of Retrotec’s $2,000 Equipment Giveaway at RESNET!

Retrotec’s $2,000 Equipment Giveaway celebrated the release of rCloud, a cutting-edge testing platform for the blower door and duct testing industries.  The platform geolocates testing locations, performs automatic tests, creates sharable compliance reports, and secures results safely in the cloud.

RESNET participants who completed a contest form & rCloud questionnaire were eligible to win this year’s contest.  Out of approximately 50 contestants, Craig Senglin of Energy IQ came home with the prize. 


About Craig & Energy IQ

Energy IQ is a Trusted Advisor for energy code, energy efficiency, and sustainable construction.  The company provides reliable third-party energy code, energy efficiency and sustainability program consulting for construction and development in Texas & beyond.

“Energy IQ has been an exclusive Retrotec client since the company was founded in 2008,” Craig stated.  “We appreciate the quality of the equipment and are impressed by the continuous innovations that, in our experience, make conducting field testing easier and more efficient.  We have worked extensively with competitive brands in the field, overseeing other rating companies as part of their Quality Assurance reviews.  In our opinion, Retrotec offers a significant upgrade in quality and user experience when compared to the competition.  We can work faster with greater accuracy with Retrotec.  Keep up the good work!

I am thrilled to have won the $2000 Equipment Giveaway at the 2017 RESNET Conference.  It was definitely the highlight of my time there!”

Thank you, Craig, and congratulations!


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