House Leakage Test with a Blower Door

  1. Blower Door and Pressure Diagnostics (May 26th, 2016)

    -Test for Energy Code Compliance or Envelope Performance

    -Setup your gauge for code compliance

    -Best practices for blower door tests

    -Overcome common testing issues

    -Where are the most common envelope failure locations?

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  2. New Testing Opportunities for Equipment You Already Own (Apr 7, 2015)

    Learn about new testing opportunities for blower door equipment that you already own.

    • Using your DucTester or blower door as a powered flow hood
    • How to test exhaust and supply flows, test total flow of a HVAC air handler
    • Enclosure Zone testing
    • Area of Refuge, Raised Floor, Pressurized Stairwells, Control Rooms and other Areas
    • Water penetration testing
    • Learn how these tests can provide additional business opportunities

    Browse blower doors and duct testing equipment from Retrotec, and sign up for upcoming webinars to find related information. For any specific questions related to our products, contact our sales team directly at 1 (855) 738-7683. 

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  3. IECC Code Compliance for Blower Door, Duct Testing, Testing Exhaust Fans (Oct 21, 2014)

    • International Energy Conservation Code testing requirements 
    • Top items to guarantee passing and when to perform the test 
    • Confirm compliance with WiFi gauges & apps 
    • What are the next testing requirements
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  4. Blower Door Testing for HVAC Contractors (Oct 14, 2014)

    - Testing the envelope provides accurate equipment sizing  
    - Prevent call backs and comfort issues
    - The envelope is the largest duct system - it should tested
    - Add testing services for contractors
    - Create partnerships with Home Performance contractors

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  5. Home Performance Testing: More than an Energy Audit for Home Improvement Projects

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  6. Retrotec Blower Door Instructional Video

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  7. House Test - 1 - Setup

    This five part series looks what an air leakage test of a typical house might look at. In this part, we discuss how to setup for a house test. It's important to properly prepare before testing, so that we know the results are accurate.

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  8. House Test - 2 - Bias Pressure

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