Gauge Training Basics

  1. Let's Talk Tubing: Pressurizing a Building with a Blower Door

    Author: Sam Myers, Retrotec

    When pressurizing a building with a blower door, did you know that extra tubing must be added to the Channel B side of your gauge if you are not using a Retrotec DM32? If this tubing connection is neglected, you will have a reading that is approximately 20% high due to the open Channel B port that is referencing the indoor pressure of 50Pa instead of the outdoor pressure. Therefore, the extra tube is needed to connect that port on Channel B to the outside so that it is referencing the outside instead of the pressure induced by the blower door.

    However, the Retrotec DM32 automatically removes the need to connect additi

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  2. Introduction to the DM32 Gauge (April 12th, 2016)

    This webinar from Retrotec is an introduction to the DM-32 gauge. This video focuses on:

    • Ports & connections
    • Updating the firmware
    • DM32 interface and operation
    • Calculating results
    • Common errors
    • Running other manufacturer’s fans
    • Running other devices and hole flow

    Sign up for live webinars, or view additional previous webinars from Retrotec. To talk with a sales representative about Retrotec’s digital gauge, the DM32, call 1 (855) 738-7683.

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  3. Residential ventilation: Eight ways to measure it

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  4. Field check your DM 32 gauge

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  5. Reviewer reports on the very first DM32

    Corbett Lunsford reviews the new Retrotec DM-32 Smart Gauge, and uses it to run a blower door test in Georgia while he sits in Chicago. Featuring home performance trainer extraordinaire Joe Medosch.

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  6. Testing with DucTester 340 and DM32 WiFi

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  7. Using the DM32 Digital Gauge with the TEC Exhaust Fan Flow Meter

    Watch how easy it is to use the DM32 with TEC's Exhaust Fan Flow Meter

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  8. Checking Your Gauge

    See how you can check your gauge's calibration against itself and another gauge. Learn a simple way to test positive and negative ports against each other.

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  9. Gauge Measurement Problems

    Learn how environmental factors can affect your testing, and how to recognize them. Included are: the moving tube problem; the pinched tube problem; getting water in your tube; and, finally, wind issues. See the massive pressure changes these factors can cause.

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  10. DM32 Smart Gauge Overview (Sep 9, 2014)

    - DM32 interface and operation
    - Running a Retrotec or MN fan
    - Using Virtual Gauge, GaugeRemote, and Data Logger
    - Calculating results

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