1. DM32 Gauge will not charge. What do I do?

    Please check Retrotec USB chargers for the marking shown in the below image.
    There was an issue with some past DM32 chargers that resulted in not being able to charge the gauge from a fully depleted (0%) battery level. 
    There will be a letter in the lower right-hand corner. If it has a “D” shown please notify support@retrotec.com so we can send a replacement at no cost.


    Please contact support@retrotec.com if your gauge isn't working for any other reason, as well.

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  2. Why does FanTestic start at the highest pressure first?

    We start at the highest pressure and work downward for two reasons. 

    1. It helps the fans reach the target pressures faster. The speed control algorithm works faster going from a higher pressure to a lower pressure.
    2. It helps you properly select your Range Ring for the test. By starting with the largest possible range (highest flow) to test at your highest pressure you ensure the minimum possible range changes while testing. Ideally, you don't want to change ranges in mid test because it wastes time. 
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  3. Why does my Q4 (flow at 4 Pa) result have such high uncertainty?

    You need to consider that there is a fundamental issue of uncertainty with using 4 Pa as a reference pressure. Just imagine, if there is even a 1 Pa fluctuation, due to so many possible sources that can cause pressure fluctuations as you know, the pressure measurement already has an uncertainty of +/- 25% error. Consider that for almost all airtightness testing standards across the world, the reference pressure for Flow results are either 50 Pa or 75 Pa.

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  4. Is using a positive duct test pressure advantageous?

    The main disadvantage to positive duct test pressure is that it blows off register seals or makes them leak. An LBL study showed a wide dispersion of results when the same duct test was repeated many times.  Depressurizing will allow the use of lower sticking masking materials that are less likely to pull off the paint. In some cases plastic food wrap will work.

    The main advantage to positive duct test pressure is that the flex duct doesn't contract as much. In cases where the flex runs to the ceiling this contraction effect might cause problems.

    Testing using depressurization will usually result in less leakage because gaps and seams will be pulled closed”

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  5. How do I know how many fans I need for a Blower Door or Enclosure Integrity Test?

    I have a Energy or Enclosure Integrity Test to perform.  How many fans do I need to properly run the test?  Do I have enough fans to run the test?

    We have created two tools to help you figure out how many fans you will need for your test. 

    Download either the Blower Door or Enclosure Integrity version of the Number of Fans Calculator

    Next, open the file in excel and "Enable Editing" when a security warning appears.

    Fill in all the fields highlighted in blue.  The number of fan results are highlighted in green.

    Here is what the Blower Door Number of Fans Calculator looks like:

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  6. When should I care about leakage around the door panel?

    How and when should I compensate for leakage around the door panel?

    Modular Panels are designed to be placed into doors that are not well sealed.  The panel leakage for the Modular Panel is about 14 square inches compared to about 3 square inches for the Aluminum Frame and Cloth and around 1 square inch of leakage for the upgraded Aluminum Frame with snap together corners.  These three panels represent three typical doorways: 

    1. Poorly weather-stripped which would have an approximate 1/16 inch gap which equals about 14 square inches leakage;  
    2. A well weather-stripped and adjusted door would be around 3 square inches or leakage; 
    3. A super tight door could be as tight as 1 square inch of leakage and can even have less.

    One rule of thumb is t

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  7. Can I print my test results from rCloud in order to show my local officials?

    Yes you can print your results via the rCloud portal. Just login to the rCloud web portal, find your report and you can save your report as a PDF to be printed.

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  8. What gauges does rCloud work with?

    rCloud works with a WiFi enabled DM32 gauge only.

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  9. When I try to install FanTestic or Integrity, I get the error "Cannot Start Application" and it says "Cannot continue. The application is improperly formatted. Contact the application vendor for assistance."


    If this is the Error you are seeing:

    Click on the "Details" button to get more information.  In the summary, you will see:

    ERROR SUMMARY:  "+ Your Web browser settings do not allow you to run signed applications." 

    This error summary indicates that there are security settings in your web browser  that are preventing the application from being able to download. 

    Some people have had success by adding http://retrotec.com to their "Trusted Sites"  in the Tools>>Internet Options>>Securi

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  10. What is the flow range (in units of CFM) for the 5000/6000 fan's range configurations?

    500 Flow Chart

    6000 flowchart

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