FanTestic Software

  1. FanTestic Pro Multiple Fan Webinar (Feb 6, 2014)

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  2. FanTestic Part 6: Pre Auto-Test Check

    Part 6 Is a brief video that explains the importance of setting up correctly for an auto-test.

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  3. FanTestic Part 1: Install and Single Point Test - New

    Part 1 of our FanTestic Training series. This covers installing and using the software for a single point test. It's as easy as inputting your data. The software will automatically calculate all the numbers you need.

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  4. FanTestic - Auto Test

    How to run an automatic blower door test using FanTestic software.

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  5. FanTestic Pressurize

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  6. FanTestic Part 7: Auto Test Settings

    Part 7 of our FanTestic series covers how to adjust the settings to prepare for an auto-test.

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  7. FanTestic - Semi-Auto Test

    How to run a semi-automatic blower door test using FanTestic software. This allows for the ease of an auto test along with manual input options for the user.

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  8. FanTestic Part 10: Opening and Saving Tests

    Part 10 of our FanTestic video series explains the simple process behind saving a opening your tests. With FanTestic, you can save and revisit previous tests at any time.

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  9. FanTestic -- Start Guide

    How to download FanTestic, how to find it on your computer, what it comes with, ASTM manual, and choosing your protocol

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  10. FanTestic Part 9: Auto Test 2

    Part 9 of our FanTestic series is the final video, and covers the second half of an auto-test. Learn how FanTestic software can make life easier for air-tightness professionals.

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