Equipment Calibration

  1. Calibration vs Accuracy (February 10, 2015)

    Watch a webinar from Retrotec about calibration vs accuracy for air duct testing and blower door equipment.

    • What happens during laboratory testing for fans and gauges
    • An inside look at the actual calibration process for a Retrotec system
    • How to self-check your fan and gauge

    Contact for answers to your calibration questions. 

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  2. How Accurate is Your Blower Door or Duct Testing Fan (Jan 20, 2015)

    Know the accuracy of your blower door or duct testing fan. Watch a video highlighting:

    • What's inside the fan (or Fan Deconstructed)
    • Important fan accuracy requirements
    • What factors cause high uncertainty %
    • How to reduce uncertainty testing methods

    Browse blower doors and duct testing equipment from Retrotec, and sign up for upcoming webinars to find related information. For any specific questions related to our products, contact our sales team directly at 1 (855) 738-7683.  

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