Commercial Multiple Fan Blower Door

  1. This is what Bill Spohn of True Tech Tools divulged about Retrotec's training

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  2. Grand Designs Australia Blower Door test from Season 6 Episode 4

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  3. Blower Door Test in XXXL size - Amazon in Poland

    Watch an extra-large blower door test performed at Amazon in Poland.

    Interested in Retrotec’s blower door testing equipment? View our products for residential, multi-family, and commercial facilities, or connect with our sales team directly at 1 (855) 738-7683.

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  4. Multiple Fan Blower Door XXL set up

    Ian Jack, Blower Door XXL GmbH & Co.KG, have, as the first specialized company worldwide, performed a blower door test with more than 1 million m³ of volume. It was the first registration with Guiness World Records.

    Watch additional videos pertaining to blower door testing here. Interested in learning more about Retrotec’s equipment? Start by requesting a quote.  

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  5. ENEXCO - Mesures d'étanchéité à l'air INCITY (large building multiple fan test in France)

    View a multi-fan air tightness commercial building test at INCITY in Lyon, France.

    View all of Retrotec’s multifamily blower doors, or discuss your specific needs for residential or commercial blower doors with our sales team: request a quote here.

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  6. Multiple Blower Door tests of Large Buildings from 4 Pros who’ve performed over 1000 tests (Jan 28, 2016)

    This video discusses:

    • What preliminary arrangements are the most difficult?
    • What is involved in plan review?
    • How does material analysis and mock up construction affect you?
    • Do you have to train builders on air barrier construction methods?

    View Retrotec’s residential blower doors or multi family blower doors here. You can also view additional past videos or sign up for live webinars.

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  7. Multiple Fan Testing for Large Buildings (Dec 16, 2014)

    • Perform automatic multipoint tests
    • Create custom reports based on your testing standard
    • Device testing strategies for low & mid-rise buildings
    • Take a sneak peak at Retrotec's Multiple Fan Hands-On Conference in Seattle
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  8. FanTestic Lite and Pro Overview Webinar (Jan 30, 2014) Video Date: 2014-01-30

    We covered:

    -FanTestic Lite
    30-day trial gives you FanTestic Pro 24 for then reverts to one standard.
    Set up
    Running a live test
    Cost of Infiltration analysis

    -FanTestic Pro
    Custom reports in Word
    Spreadsheet download
    -FanTestic Pro 24
    Running a live test with 4 gauges
    Semi-auto feature for redoing test points
    -What is FanTestic?
    It is the software that records and calculates readings from fans and manometers set up to measure air leakage in enclosures. When used in conjunction with Retrotec digital manometers, the software can automatically control fans and capture data in accordance with a number of standard enclosure air leakage testing procedures.

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  9. Diagnostics of Small Commercial Buildings Webinar (Jan 28, 2014)

    We covered:

    - Basic overview of small commercial buildings;
    - Air leakage and pressure evaluation;
    - Energy audits;
    - Determining infiltration issues;

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  10. Air Leakage in Large Buildings Webinar (Dec 12, 2013)

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