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  1. ESDS Version 3.0 for WA State

    The Washington State Department of Commerce has released, "Evergreen Sustainable Development Standard Version 3.0." Below are notes as related to residential airtightness testing:


    Section 5.11: Airchange on rehab gets 3 pts for 7 ACH and 7 pts for 5 ACH.  This could be difficult in some types of houses. Key step, is to find all the attic leaks around plumbing stack vents and chimneys that can be sealed off with foamboard, foam and sheet metal for chimneys. Then wiring penetrations and pot lights that must all be replaced with sealed LED units to save on leakage and  power. This work is most easily done by removing the insulation which will allow the tops of all wals to be sealed between the 2x4 and sheetrock.  All open joist ends mus

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  2. Leakage to Outdoors and Advanced DucTesting Methods

    Leakage to Outdoors and Advanced DucTesting Methods

    -When is it required?
    -Setup options
    -Complex setups
    -Additional leakage to the outdoors tests

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  3. $2,000 Equipment Giveaway Winner at 2017 RESNET

    Congratulations to Craig Senglin, winner of Retrotec’s $2,000 Equipment Giveaway at RESNET!

    Retrotec’s $2,000 Equipment Giveaway celebrated the release of rCloud, a cutting-edge testing platform for the blower door and duct testing industries.  The platform geolocates testing locations, performs automatic tests, creates sharable compliance reports, and secures results safely in the cloud.

    RESNET participants who completed a contest form & rCloud questionnaire were eligible to win this year’s contest.  Out of approximately 50 contestants, Craig Senglin of Energy IQ came home with the prize. 


    About Craig & Energy IQ

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  4. Retrotec Newsletter: March 2017

    View Retrotec's Newsletter for March 2017
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